Reasons to migrate from Windows to Linux
Reasons to migrate from Windows to Linux

Linux is the best alternative to Windows. In fact, it is completely free and open source, and it focuses on privacy. Unlike Microsoft's operating system, on the one hand it is surrounded by many data protection claims and on the other it is sold at a high price.

Other computer operating systems such as macOS and Chrome OS are also not available to regular users, as macOS is only available on Apple computers and Chrome OS is only available on certain mobile devices. Under the Google license.

As we all know, there is no such thing as a complete product without flaws, and this also applies to operating systems. However, the Linux operating system offers a number of advantages and disadvantages.

cheap linux

Free Linux is one of its most important features as anyone can download and use the system right away, on the other hand, Linux software is free and open source too.

Linux offers alternatives to popular programs such as GIMP, which replaces Adobe Photoshop, and other alternatives to video editing applications or office suites, and even for alternatives on Windows, you can use paid programs for the system.
Use Linux without installing it

Linux doesn't need the full installation to work, it just requires an external USB drive. This is done by installing the operating system through Rufus or another way. Then users can use it.

This step might be a better way to test the system before installing it. If you have never used Linux before, you should start with a simple and easy to use distribution like Ubuntu or Mint.

Replace Windows on Vulnerable Devices

It is difficult for an old computer to start the Windows operating system. Due to the relatively high operating requirements, you can replace it with a lightweight Linux distribution suitable for older hardware.

The most important of these distros is Lubuntu, and there are other alternatives such as antiX, Puppy Linux, or TinyCore. These versions help to get the best performance on older devices.

safe linux

Linux is known as a secure operating system by default, which means that it usually does not need antivirus applications. In this case, it can be compared to Android.

Compared to Windows, one of the factors keeping Linux secure may be its limited coverage. Because hackers may not be interested in developing viruses for them at first. However, it is technically a secure system, and some well-known updates also receive security updates from their developers on a regular basis.

Complete control of the system

Linux provides complete control over the operating system as to whether or not updates can be installed for free, unlike Windows, which is primarily controlled by Microsoft.

In addition, the Linux environment offers a large variety. Because users can access dozens of different versions. This means that if the way distribution works and the distribution privacy policy change, it can easily be replaced by another distribution. Distributions are different versions in terms of appearance and functionality, but they are all based on Linux.

Easy to customize compared to Windows

The Linux operating system consists of several major components. These components can be modified with other components. This means that users can customize the system according to their needs.

For example, you can completely change the desktop design and effects and get a completely new graphic experience. This can only be achieved by replacing the part responsible for it. It's like replacing GNOME with XFCE.

Linux has become the perfect choice for Windows users

In the past, Linux users had to constantly process code through the "Terminal". But for modern distributions, users do not need it.

At present, all operations can be performed as they are in Windows, only by relying on graphical interfaces. With integrated app stores. Also, playing games on Linux has become better than ever, especially after Steam's great efforts in providing games for the system. According to the latest stats, 78 out of the top 100 games on Steam work perfectly on Linux.

In addition to all of the above, excellent distributions appeared in terms of shape and design. Like Zorin OS, which offers a similar user experience to Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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