arVin Xbox Series X High-Speed Cooling System
arVin Xbox Series X High-Speed Cooling System

ArVin Xbox Series X Fan, arVin High Speed ​​Cooling System, Vertical USB Fan with USB Charging Port HUB, Fit for Xbox Series X Console- Black (Only for Xbox Series X Game Accessories)

 USB fan stand for Xbox Series X console.

  •     The vertical fan is specially designed for the Xbox Series x console
  •     The efficient cooling system can cool down the xbox x series game console quickly and efficiently and avoid overheating due to excessive gaming.
  •     Vertical Cooling Dock with Power Switch is equipped with additional USB 2.0 ports
  •     Only applies to Xbox Series X consoles. Xbox Series S console and other Xbox consoles are not supported

Develop a powerful cooling system

Vertical fan, the fan rotates at 4000RPM, reduces noise, increases air volume, accelerates internal heat dissipation, enables fast heat dissipation and prevents overheating due to excessive use. With fan button.

Extra USB port hub

It does not occupy the host's USB 2.0 port. With a USB extender, you can connect different devices, for example (note: this 2.0 port, not compatible with 3.0 devices)

Space-saving design

The USB fan is simple, compact and does not take up much space. Easy to use, just insert the USB port behind the console and press the button to open it.

arVin Xbox Series X High-Speed Cooling System
arVin Xbox Series X High-Speed Cooling System

  •  [Xbox Series X Professional Accessories] The best fan bracket specially designed for Xbox Series X console can be effective in preventing the console from overheating, reducing power consumption, and extending the life of the console. (Applies to Xbox Series X game consoles only. Xbox Series S game consoles and other Xbox One game consoles are not supported.)
  • [Upgrade Powerful Cooling System] The newly updated Xbox Series X Vertical Fan Stand features a more modern side design than the bottom design and provides more convenient ventilation. Built-in high-speed fan, the fan speed is up to 4000rpm, which can quickly and quietly cool the game console and keep the air circulating.
  • [Fan with USB Charging Port The Xbox Series X USB fan has an external USB 2.0 port. It can charge Xbox series consoles, USB headphones, mice, keyboards, and other devices. Regardless of whether the fan is working or not, the fan's auxiliary USB interface has full USB 2.0 interface function.
  • [Ergonomic Design] The fan stand features a vertical space-saving design that reduces the space it occupies and gives you a clean and tidy playing area. With only 0.2kg fan, there is no extra pressure on your gaming console, it is a must-have professional gaming accessory for Xbox Series X gamers.
  • [Easy to Use] Simply insert the vertical fan bracket into the USB port on the back of the Xbox Series X console to connect the device. Use the on/off button to control the cooling fan on and off. (The green light is on, the green light is not off) No special adapters or additional cables are needed, they can be removed freely, and the game console can be easily cooled down.

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