FYOUNG Dust Filter for Xbox Series X with Controller Stand
FYOUNG Dust Filter for Xbox Series X with Controller Stand

FYOUNG Xbox Series X Dust Filter, with Controller and Headphone Stand, Dust Protection Kit, with 2 Headphone Stands for Xbox Series X

dust cover
-Prevent dust from entering the console slot or port
Does not affect ventilation and heat dissipation
- Easy to clean and replace
- Detachable design that can be flexibly removed at any time, and the mounting bracket allows it to be fixed on top

Controller/Headset Holder
- Helps you organize your console or headphone and keep your desk tidy
Made of light and durable ABC plastic material
Easy to use for your console, no need to drill holes or install tools

Our positives:

- We know that when playing for long periods or at high game temperatures, more heat is naturally generated for normal operation. The duct cover (upper position) can be removed at any time without affecting the heat dissipation function. Of course, there is a great heat dissipation grille on the dust cover, but it does not affect the heat dissipation function.
- We deliver extra 2 pieces of upper dust cover (only 2 pieces of upper dust cover as gift) as spare parts.

FYOUNG Dust Filter for Xbox Series X with Controller Stand
FYOUNG Dust Filter for Xbox Series X with Controller Stand

  •     Design upgrade: Dustproof mesh protection accessory with two controllers or headphone holders specifically designed for Xbox Series X consoles to prevent dust and small objects (dust, pet dander, etc.) from falling into your console, extending the life of your controllers the game. to console.
  •     Multifunctional use: This product can not only keep your console clean, but also save space for your gaming station. The hangers can perfectly fix the console and headphones. Simply place the console on top of the console and you're ready to use your console and headphones in a good screen.
  •     PERFECT PERFORMANCE: The top of the Xbox Series X console has large vents to let enough heat in. If the console gets hot with prolonged gameplay or game demands continue to rise, our dust filter can simply be removed from the top of the console and installed. Our thoughtful design allows you not to worry about the heat dissipation effect.
  •     Easy installation: No screws or holes required for installation. The protective net of optimal dimensions is placed on top, and then the bracket is attached to the hole in the upper part of the console. It can be installed at any time and will not damage your console.
  •     Durable Material: The dust filter is made of high quality PVC material, easy to clean and replace. We are equipped with 4 pack top filters to prevent loss or damage. The stand is made of lightweight but durable ABS plastic, very suitable for long-term use. An indispensable accessory for your Xbox Series X console.

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