BRHE PS5 Controller Skin Silicone Anti-Slip Soft Rubber
BRHE PS5 Controller Skin Silicone Anti-Slip Soft Rubber

BRHE PS5 Anti-Slip Soft Silicone Protective Case Fully Compatible with Playstation 5 Gamepad and Thumb Grip


The unique full cover design of the BRHE PS5 Host Cover allows you to charge your host on the dock without removing the skin. How convenient!

Comfortable stitching design

* Made of soft and durable silicone material, it is soft and comfortable. Relieves hand fatigue after long periods of playing

* Precise cuts for all posts and connections. You can easily access all buttons, controls and connections while playing. Enjoy playing!

Always keep it like new and extend its service life.

The silicone case protects your console from dust, drops, vibration and scratches. Keep your console like new.

No need to worry about palm sweat affecting the game

The non-slip surface provides a good grip for your hands and makes your game more enjoyable.

Unique thumb cap

Raised thumb caps like Hot Wheels are suitable for silicone skins. Reward yourself with visual pleasure.

BRHE PS5 Controller Skin Silicone Anti-Slip Soft Rubber
BRHE PS5 Controller Skin Silicone Anti-Slip Soft Rubber

  •     ⭐ [The improved design and user-friendly support of the PS5 silicone grip case are not fully covered. You can connect it directly to another charging station to charge it without removing it. It can not only take an effective protection function, but also can bring you a lot of convenience.
  •     ⭐ [Perfect Fit] Designed for your beloved PS5 console. All functions and connections are precision cut, and not only are the covers, buttons, and triggers around the D-Pad precise, but the charging and speaker connections are easy to use as well. Change your gaming experience!
  •     ⭐ [Comfortable and Non-Slip] It is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly silicone material, which is soft and smooth to the touch. The non-slip silicone surface provides good stability even while playing, so you can enjoy the game.
  •     ⭐ [Strong Protection] BRHE PS5 console grip has thicker and better leather than others on the market, providing strong protection for your PS5 console. Protect it from fingerprints, sweat, scratches and damage. Always keep in new condition and extend the service life.
  •     ⭐ [Great gaming experience] You can choose from 3 colors. Say goodbye to solid colors and make your PS5 console unique. Equipped with two thumb caps to enhance your analog console experience and make you stand out in the game.

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