Facebook doesn't want to provide enough information to researchers
Facebook doesn't want to provide enough information to researchers

Facebook has released a new report through its Transparency Center. This report shows the most popular content on the platform in the first half of 2021.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for publishing this report is Facebook's claim that the platform's most popular content does not contain political content. Facebook has been trying to prove it for a long time.

The final report consists of 20 pages. This created a lot of problems for the public, although it was originally intended to reduce the number of problems.

The report found that the most viewed link on the platform came from a mysterious website linked to a former Green Bay Packers player. However, this link alone has attracted more than 90 million views. Although the page served by the link has only a few thousand subscribers, it is not.

Transparency on Facebook

The report also includes links to what appear to be fake e-commerce platforms. For example, CBD stores or luxury clothing. Also, one of the most popular links is funny GIFs.

As expected. Of course, the report does not include most of the political content Facebook intended. Try to demonstrate that the user's home page generally does not contain any political content, and in particular it does not contain rhetorical or misleading content.

Days after the new report was released, the New York Times reported that it had discovered that the company had released a different version of the report. However, she withdrew from her position. Because the most viral link in this report is the story in the Chicago Sun Times about a doctor who died of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Facebook received dozens of criticisms for this report. Because it does not provide any useful information and does not imply any transparency on the part of the company. Especially after the leaked content from the New York Times.

For researchers trying to study how news spreads on Facebook, the company's latest report hasn't helped. Because the information it contains is not complete.

Some researchers describe the new reports as scattered data that is of no use to anyone trying to study or trust them. New York University researcher Laura Edelson (Laura Edelson) said that Facebook did not provide a way to verify the information in the report. He wants users to believe it without evidence.

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