C by GE Full Color Direct Connect Smart LED Bulbs
C by GE Full Color Direct Connect Smart LED Bulbs

C by GE 93128982 Direct Connect Color Smart LED Bulbs (2 Color Changing Bulbs A19), 60W Replacement, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Support, Alexa + Google Home Compatible, No Hub CLDA199CD1

Use smart, colorful light bulbs to change the atmosphere of any room in seconds. Use millions of colors to design the nursery according to your interests, to create the next level of movie night and support your team on game day. The adjustable white spectrum supports the wake/sleep cycle and creates the perfect scene for resting or waking up. Gain confidence by regulating your lights so you'll never return to a dark house again. With the help of voice control and the ability to control the outdoor lighting, you can control the lighting more easily while on vacation or in a hurry.


Use preset temperatures and lighting schedule to aid in your sleep/wake cycle.

night walk

Use a light to turn your living room into a home theater. No need for a ticket!

musical party

The bold and lively atmosphere is a welcome addition to any party.

Update in seconds

Find and save your child's favorite color and redecorate the room at any time.

voice command

Simply use the device out of the box and it can be used directly with Hey Google or Amazon Alexa for hands-free control.

control outside the home

Protect your home when you're out and feel safe when you come home at night. No hub or additional hardware required.

easy step

You can pair directly to GE's app and C's Wi-Fi without a hub.

C by GE Full Color Direct Connect Smart LED Bulbs
C by GE Full Color Direct Connect Smart LED Bulbs

  •  Alexa Powered Smart Bulbs: Connect these voice control smart LED lights directly to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (sold separately). With Google Assistant or Alexa, the voice-activated bulb helps you set up your smart home.
  • Wi-Fi Light Bulbs: Simply connect these smart light bulbs directly to your Wi-Fi router, provide voice control for your C by GE smart bulbs through the voice assistant (sold separately), and control them outside the home without the need for hubs or bold.
  • Manage smart lights outside your home: With the Cync Mobile app to control your Wi-Fi lights, you'll have more security and comfort at home. With C by GE Smart Bulbs, you don't have to go back to a dimly lit home or spoil your bed comfort.
  • Color changing lights in the app: Millions of colors can customize your room to suit your kids' interests, create an even higher level of movie nights and support your team on play days. Set the white smart light bulb to any color between warm, amber, cool and blue.
  • Smart LED Lights: These smart bulbs fit into the mid-size socket of A19 60W light bulbs and help make your home a smart home. Smart LED bulbs are 84% more energy efficient than 60W incandescent bulbs and last 15 times longer.

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