iOS 15 has better support for in-app purchases
iOS 15 has better support for in-app purchases

As part of the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8, Apple also introduced StoreKit 2, a set of APIs for in-app purchases and subscriptions.

New Swift-based tools can help developers better track and support user buying behavior rather than relying on third-party solutions like RevenueCat.

The team rolled out a new API to discover product and discount entitlements, quickly get users' in-app purchase history, and check recent subscription status with one simple review.

Additionally, it gives users the ability to manage subscriptions and request refunds from within the app.

The company is also updating the App Store Server API and App Store server notifications so developers can see in real time when user subscriptions expire and offer free extensions.

In a blog post describing Apple's changes, RevenueCat notes that StoreKit 2 can run on iOS 15 and later. This means that most developers cannot publish StoreKit 2 versions of their apps.

Instead, they need two separate apps (one for the original StoreKit and one for StoreKit 2) or to continue using the original StoreKit until they're ready to leave the power outlet.

Encourage apps that support even older versions of the operating system - mostly for a long time - encourage them to use the original StoreKit.

Over time, this discrepancy could widen as Apple allows users to continue using iOS 14 and receive security updates. Due to the long life of the company's products, there may be many old iPads and iPhones.

As stated by the company, StoreKit 2 and StoreKit are interoperable. Purchases made through the original StoreKit API are still available. This is done via the new StoreKit 2 transaction and renewal API.

iOS 15 makes it easy to buy and sign up

Therefore, these changes can make it easier to provide traditional customer support for in-app purchases. For Apple, it is another enticement for developers to offer some kind of in-app purchase or subscription service. With its 30% commission, this is a financial benefit to the company.

This year, the company appears to have listened to complaints and worked hard to resolve a number of issues for developers using StoreKit. It does this through a new set of modern APIs. Comprehensive receipt format fixes, a more powerful notification set, and improvements to customer support.

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