C by GE On/Off Smart Plug with Smart Bridge
C by GE On/Off Smart Plug with Smart Bridge

C by GE 93103491 Smart Plug On / Off with Smart Bridge, Alexa + Google Home Compatible, Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Smart Home Smart Socket, White, 1 Piece (Package May Vary)

The smart C on/off feature makes every GE socket smart lamp or wall device. In combination with the voice assistant, the built-in Wi-Fi bridge can improve external control of lighting, electrical appliances and voice control. The socket also supports programming and scene settings for conventional lamps and electrical appliances. The smart socket adds smart functionality to bulbs that don't match or don't match the look of the smart bulb. Combine the Smart Socket, C by GE Smart Bulb, and Smart Switch in other lights to control all lights together. Use the Smart Plug with other devices (eg curling irons, fans, electronics) to turn them on or off remotely, or schedule them to run according to your daily schedule. The Smart Plug can be connected directly to Google Home and Alexa devices without a hub. Simply plug it into a standard power outlet and use it.

Add smart features to the device

Have other smart devices in every room of the house, such as: b. Slow cookers, heaters, or curling irons.

Personal iron shipping

Let electrical appliances like irons heat up before you wake up and turn them off when you're not home.

Take control of the entire room

For added convenience, you can use your voice to control the fan and other devices in the room (voice assistant required) or set a schedule to turn them on before you get home.

Activate additional functions for C by GE smart bulbs

Smart plug + smart bulb = outdoor lighting control. Pair it with a voice assistant and you can also enjoy hands-free control.

Don't go back to the dark house

Organize your lights and use the smart plug to turn them on automatically so you always get home smoothly.

Enjoy the hands-free function

Thanks to the voice assistant, you can enjoy the hands-free functionality of GE smart C products.

Collaborate with your voice assistant

Connect the C by GE Smart Plug to the voice assistant to get the voice control function. Pair the Smart Plug with a C by GE bulb to connect lighting to any room, including home control, or use it on its own.

Make every lamp smart

Smart plugs allow you to intelligently control any light, including bulbs with built-in LEDs, bulbs with non-standard sockets, or if you love the light bulbs you have now.

C by GE On/Off Smart Plug with Smart Bridge
C by GE On/Off Smart Plug with Smart Bridge

  •  Optimize your smart home: The C by GE Smart Plug is compatible with Google Home and Alexa (sold separately) and makes your traditional devices smart by always providing voice and app control, even on the go.
  • Smart Plugs Make Any Electronic Device Smart: The GE Smart Plug C makes any lamp or electrical device smart, so smart plugs and appliances can respond to voice commands like an entire smart home system.
  • You don't need a hub to build a smart home: The C by GE Smart Plug, used with Google Home and Alexa, has a hub that connects directly to your voice assistant, so you don't have to buy a bridge or any other hub.
  • Smart plugs are small: C by GE smart plugs can be used with Alexa and Google Home and have a sleek design that allows the second port of a standard plug to be used to connect other devices or smart plugs.

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