Romwish 9.8ft Smart Bluetooth LED Strip Lights for 24-60 Inch TV
Romwish 9.8ft Smart Bluetooth LED Strip Lights for 24-60 Inch TV

Romwish SW-ST5-30 LED Backlit TV, 9.8ft Smart Bluetooth LED Lighting Bar, Suitable for 24-60 Inch TV, APP Control, 16M Colors and Multi-Scene Mode, Sync with Music, Voice Control, Power Usb

This USB RGB TV Light Bar is an updated version and the mobile app is controlled via bluetooth. It has 16 million colors, adjustable brightness from 10 to 100% and 20 dynamic flashing modes. In music mode, the light bar dances to the beat of the music. This light also has a time function that can be turned on/off automatically at a specific time. You can use it to decorate your TV, computer, bedroom, party, dressing table, dressing table, etc.

building a home theater

You can easily attach the light bar to the back of the TV, power it via the USB port, and control it via the mobile app. Then you will get a wonderful visual experience.

computer wallpapers

Add a bright and colorful backlight to your computer screen. Provide a visual feel and improve the gaming experience.

room decoration

Use the smart LED APP to control the light strip to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your room.

Bluetooth app console

Scan the QR code to download the Lotus Light app, turn on the bluetooth and location permissions, and the light connects directly to the app. The APP can control multiple light strips, but if you only want to control one lamp, please turn off the other lights.

Music Mode

Enter the music mode to play songs in MP3 format, the lights dance to the beat of the music, the app has a built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity and the lights can also dance with the microphone input.

timing function

You can preset when the lights will turn on/off automatically (make sure they are lit).

Wide range of applications

The backlight of the TV is powered by the USB interface, and the TV, PC, mobile power supply and mobile phone charger can be used freely. Widely used in televisions, computers, bedrooms, parties, home decorations, wardrobes, etc.

Romwish 9.8ft Smart Bluetooth LED Strip Lights for 24-60 Inch TV
Romwish 9.8ft Smart Bluetooth LED Strip Lights for 24-60 Inch TV

  •  ✔ [Bluetooth APP Control] This TV backlight strip is controlled by "Lotus Light" APP. When the APP is connected via Bluetooth, 16 million colors and 20 dynamic modes such as flash, jump, strobe, etc. can be freely selected. You can adjust the brightness between 1 and 100% and create your own unique and cool colors.
  • ✔ [Music Sync] Dance mode and microphone. This app has a built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity. You can select the Intelligent Music Mode from the app controls. This light dances to the beat of the music and the tones of the microphone.
  • ✔ [Easy to Install] The TV backlight can be easily attached with glue to clean the surface. Since it is powered via a USB interface, you can also supply it with power via a portable power bank, PC or mobile phone charger. It is widely used in TV, computer, bedroom, home decoration, party, etc.
  • ✔ [Sync Function] The Bluetooth TV backlight has sync function and memory function. You can set the time to automatically turn on and off the light bar, and it remembers the last mode setting, which is useful for the next use. Theater with this kind of smart light.
  • ✔ [Quality Upgrade & Warranty] RGB LED strip kit contains 90 high quality SMD 5050 LEDs. The thicker LED strip substrate can extend the life span and the strip can be cut between any 3 lamp beads, we offer 365 days unlimited warranty! If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us for a quick solution.

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