CAMPARKCAM Full HD IPS Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam
CAMPARKCAM Full HD IPS Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam

CAMPARKCAM Mirror Dash Cam 1080P 170 Degree Full HD Front Camera, 4.3 Inch IPS Touch Screen Control Front Camera, Waterproof Back Camera, GPS Tracking

Ultra-clear imaging

1080P HD resolution with sensor delivers crystal-clear images. Capture the driver's driving detail day and night.

Innovative IPS touch screen

It is famous for its wide viewing angle, greater color diversity, higher color accuracy and better display quality.

Ultra Night Vision

It can automatically balance the light and dark areas of the video to give you a better night vision experience. It can record clear videos in low light or even without lighting. Record what you want to see day or night.

CAMPARKCAM Full HD IPS Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam
CAMPARKCAM Full HD IPS Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam

  •     🚓[4.3" IPS full touch screen] 4.3" screen, 170° front and 120° field of view, wider and clearer than traditional rearview mirrors, reducing blind spots. The full and sensitive touch screen makes it easy to use.
  •     🚓 [Well-Thought User Interface & Powerful Functions] A well-thought-out and easy-to-use user interface allows you to work. You can adjust the brightness by swiping the screen left and right. Press the power button to turn off the screen (both cameras are still recording video). Also here are some basic suggestions for enabling everyday use settings: Gravity sensor is low, loop recording lasts 3 minutes, and motion detection is disabled.
  •     [Reverse Camera with Park Assist] The reverse camera shows the rear view of the vehicle by displaying a high-definition video stream in the rearview mirror. When the car reverses, the image on the screen shows the parking aid line, making parking easy and safe.
  •     🚓 [Not Just a Standard Driving Recorder] To meet all dashcams, repeat recording, emergency recording, parking monitoring, delay and more needs. Park Assist allows you to park your car easily and safely. Voice control enables hands-free driving. Protect your car as a reliable 24-hour parking guard.
  •     🚓 SAFE AND RELIABLE] The dashboard camera in the rearview mirror shuts down the scene in the event of a collision to preserve evidence. It acts as an unattended watch dog when the car is parked. Reminder: If the power is off, the machine will automatically turn off after 5 seconds.

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