Yuyoop Latest Generation 2021 4K Mirror Dash Cam
Yuyoop Latest Generation 2021 4K Mirror Dash Cam

The latest generation of Yuyoop July 2021 | 4K Reflective Driving Recorder | 12 inch screen | front and back | Sony sensor | GPS | Waterproof rear camera | Ultra Night Vision | Discovery effect | parking assistant

12 inch screen, wider viewing angle

The 12-inch screen provides a wider horizontal field of view, giving the driver a wider viewing angle to monitor traffic and reduce blind spots. The touch screen is easy to use and displays the route and driving speed in real time.

Ultra HD 4K camera quality

The front camera is equipped with a Sony Starvis sensor that can capture the original 4K UHD lens in clear details and get better video in low light, making the license plate clearly visible from a distance.

Super night vision, Sony Starvis sensor

The camera is equipped with the new Sony Starvis IMX415 sensor, which can achieve better low-light performance, better video recording quality, and license plates that can be seen from afar.

Reverse assistant

When reversing, the car rearview mirror automatically displays a full reversal screen with a rear camera with guide. The camera angle is 150 degrees so you can park the car without blind spots, making parking easier and safer.

Emergency registration and closing loops

Repeat recording can continue even if the SD memory card is full. Once the SD card reaches the maximum file size, the old files will be overwritten. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, it automatically locks and saves the video to prevent new files from being overwritten.

- 24 hour parking monitoring

If the G-Sensor detects shocks, vibrations or knocks while parking, the dashcam automatically starts recording and provides you with useful information in the event of theft or hit-and-run.

GPS tracking

Connection to the GPS antenna, GPS coordinates, driving speed, routine, date, time and location are logged and can be viewed with the log file as evidence for further tracking.

Yuyoop Latest Generation 2021 4K Mirror Dash Cam
Yuyoop Latest Generation 2021 4K Mirror Dash Cam

  •     4K Front Camera - Front camera resolution of 3840*2160p and rear camera resolution of 1080p. The Sony STARVIS IMX415 sensor in the front camera can effectively improve night vision and provide clear night video.
  •     The longest 33ft IR cable makes it compatible with most vehicles such as SUVs, vans, vans, etc. Thanks to the 12-inch screen and its rectangular shape, it gives the driver a larger field of view and provides a wider field of view.
  •     12-inch screen - Rectangular screen with better vision, 12-inch IPS touch screen, clear images, easy to use. It can be divided into two parts, you can see the front and back of the car at the same time.
  •     Night Vision - The camera is equipped with a Sony STARVIS IMX415 sensor that provides excellent image quality in dark situations and makes the image clearer.
  •     G-Sensor (Collision) - This sensor detects a collision and starts recording automatically and is instantly uploaded to the cloud.
  •     Waterproof Reverse Camera - The parking monitor works as a monitoring camera system when the vehicle is closed; When reversing, Park Assist automatically switches to the reverse image.
  •     Viewing Angle - The front camera has a viewing angle of 170°, the rear camera has a viewing angle of 150°, and a total viewing angle of 320°, reducing blind spots.
  •     GPS Tracking - GPS Tracking is useful for real time speed measurement. You can view the map, including latitude, longitude and driving route information, which can also be used in emergency situations. GPS can also provide additional clues in the event of a dispute.

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