Doxie DX70  Flip Cordless Flatbed Photo Notebook Scanner
Doxie DX70  Flip Cordless Flatbed Photo Notebook Scanner

Doxie DX70 Wireless Photo Scanner for Laptop with Removable Protection Cover (DX70)

Doxie Flip - a reinvented flatbed scanner. Doxie Flip is a new type of flatbed scanner designed to capture your creativity and your story. Doxie's design and size are perfect for capturing photos, memories, ideas, surfaces, fabrics and pocket notebooks. In addition, Doxie is wireless, portable and works without a computer.

Scan photos and memories

The Doxie Flip is light and portable - about the size of a book - with a removable cover that can easily erase anything, up to 600dpi. For larger originals, Doxie's AutoStitch feature can seamlessly combine multiple scans into one large image. Therefore, you can scan anything, even large prints.

Scan notebooks and drawings

Doxie Flip erases everything you never thought of before. Designed for handheld sketching, notes, and illustration with amazing clarity. With Doxie, your assets are always protected. It's the perfect companion for Moleskine field notes and pocket notebooks.

Go back and delete everything

The Doxie Flip has a smart transparent scanning window and a removable quick-release cover that allows you to scan old laptops, photo albums, and even interesting surfaces. Simply flip Doxie and place it securely and directly over the original. In the Doxie window, you can see what is being scanned in real time, so that each scan is perfect.

Delete everything, then use the included Doxie software to organize everything
Doxie's intuitive companion software for macOS and Windows makes it easy to import, edit, save, and share photos.

automatic sewing

Doxie's AutoStitch feature takes multiple overlapping scans and merges them together to create one large, smooth original. So you can scan anything, including large areas and framed prints.

Intelligent Auto Adjust

Doxie's automatic image recognition system provides a clear digital image of your original. Smart cropping and enhanced contrast make every scan stunning.

Doxie DX70  Flip Cordless Flatbed Photo Notebook Scanner
Doxie DX70  Flip Cordless Flatbed Photo Notebook Scanner

  •  Scan your story with Doxie Flip, a highly portable flatbed scanner for photos, memories, scrapbooks, drawings, ideas, and handheld devices.
  • Doxie is light and portable - the size of a book - with battery and memory so you can scan anywhere without a computer.
  • The unique removable cap allows you to turn the Doxie upside down and place it directly on top of the original. Use the transparent Doxie scan window to align the scan perfectly and monitor the scan. It is a perfect photo scanner.
  • Doxie is designed to record your history and creativity: scan photos, coins, ticket offers, scrapbooks, personal photos, letters, stamps, selfies, postcards, designs, and wallets into digital files that you can store and share. Doxie loves vintage photo albums, memorabilia, index cards, paper photos, and even field notes and notebooks under the Moleskine brand.
  • With the included Doxie software, you can organize your scans and save digital copies on your desktop or in the cloud for instant sharing. These scans are ideal for use with Facebook, Dropbox, etc. You can even use the Apple SD Card Reader (sold separately) to sync scan results directly to your iPad.

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