PenPower WorldPenScan Go Digital Highlighter
PenPower WorldPenScan Go Digital Highlighter

PenPower WorldPenScan Go is a portable multi-language digital highlighter, reading pen, and translator. Voice/Text Scan, Voice/Subtitle Scan - All in One

  •  Scan to Text - No typing when copying documents! Just use WorldPenScan Go to scan. You can easily extract text from paper or screen to any computer or smartphone.
  • Speak to Text - Transcribe voice to text automatically so you can take more notes in less time. Never miss any important events in meetings and classes!
  • Two-way voice translation - The translation is played instantly through the built-in speaker and displayed on the pen. Support 112 languages.
  • Scan Translation - Scan multiple sentences at once and get an accurate translation instantly. It is very suitable for students! Supports 55 languages.
  • This is the most advanced portable scanner with a 2.98" LCD touch screen, either as a stand-alone or scan to a PC/Smartphone. You can use it independently anywhere in the library, classroom, office, or on the go by checking results directly on the pen. You can also use it with apps to easily scan text to a PC or smartphone. Support Win/Mac/Android/iOS.

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