Duplex SIDL1 Driver License Scanner with Age Verification
Duplex SIDL1 Driver License Scanner with Age Verification

The DX1210 is a fully compatible, dual-panel, self-powered USB scanner that can be used with hundreds of other scanning applications, including any electronic health management system and doctor's office. It is used in industry to scan health insurance cards, driver's licenses, and laminated identity documents. It can scan one side in single mode or both sides of the card at the same time in duplex mode.

Four motors

This powerful scanner is built for tough jobs that other card scanners can't handle. It uses 4 independently driven rollers, even the thick plastic card or laminated ID card can be fed smoothly.

Scan ID: Driver's License Reading Software

The included Scan ID software is a powerful card reader system that you can use to scan and manage driver's licenses and other ID cards. PDF417 2D barcode reads US and Canada driver's licenses (according to AAMVA) and automatically fills in information in appropriate fields, such as name, date of birth, age, address, driver's license number, issue date, expiration date, etc. Read one-dimensional barcodes (including Code39, Code128, EAN8, EAN13, and UPC). If a person is under the specified minimum age, the system automatically flags them. The quick search function makes it easy for you to find any card.

Scan to file

You can use the included ScanToFile app to scan the card and automatically save the image directly to your computer as a PDF, JPEG, or TIFF file.

Double-sided scanning technology

This unique scanning feature allows any application to easily scan and view the front and back of a document. Scans both sides of a document at the same time and combines them into a composite image.

Duplex SIDL1 Driver License Scanner with Age Verification
Duplex SIDL1 Driver License Scanner with Age Verification

  • The DX1210 Dual USB optical card scanner is used to scan and read driver's licenses. Scan both sides of your driver's license or ID card at the same time.
  • Scan-ID (full version) app scans, reads and manages the card information database. Note: Only the driver's license is read automatically; For cards and other identifiers, data is entered manually.
  • Automatic verification of age and ad minimums. Read US and Canadian driver's license information from the 2D barcode printed on most government driver's licenses.
  • Scan directly to PDF, JPEG and TIF formats. Fully TWAIN compliant, suitable for many banking, medical, healthcare and other imaging applications.
  • Windows only, not compatible with Mac. Quad Powered Reels - Suitable for thick cards and plastic cards. Maximum delivery card size: 4 x 9 inches; High-resolution scanning at up to 600 dpi in colour.

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