Ambir ImageScan Pro 830ix 30ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner
Ambir ImageScan Pro 830ix 30ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner

Ambir ImageScan Pro 830ix 30ppm Automatic Document Feeder Scanner for PC and Mac

DS830ix 30 ppm high speed automatic document feeder scanner

Depending on speed requirements, ImageScan Pro 830ix scans directly at 30 pages per minute (ppm) and can process up to 3,000 pages per day. If you are scanning a single document or a set of sheets of paper, this is our highest cost. Active scanning.

From legal-sized documents to letter-sized pages, insurance, and ID cards, you can take crisp photos. It doesn't matter paper or plastic. ImageScan Pro 830ix is ​​compatible with Mac and Windows computers.

  •     Save the scan as a searchable PDF. Documents can be searched for content to be indexed, find documents more quickly, and reuse text. Supported on Windows only
  •     Scan to the cloud. You can scan documents directly to many popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote, DropBox and Box. Supported on Windows only
  •     Supported Operating Systems - Windows 7/8/10, macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.15 Catalina

Detailed design.

Small businesses, medical facilities, and home offices all have a lot of space. For this reason, ImageScan Pro 830ix has a small footprint and a foldable document tray. It fits easily between stacks of patient records and bills.

Simple and customizable.

With customizable scanning buttons and a 50-page automatic document feeder, ImageScan Pro 830ix is ​​productive enough to automate even the most demanding tasks. With just one touch, you can capture documents, receipts and business cards directly into an industry standard searchable PDF*.

The complete solution.

Every ImageScan Pro scanner comes with a standard TWAIN driver so the scanner can be used with almost any electronic health record or document management application.

Ambir ImageScan Pro 830ix 30ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner
Ambir ImageScan Pro 830ix 30ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner

  •  Small Optical Size: Compared to ADF scanners, ImageScan Pro 830ix is ​​just the size of a toaster and takes up less space.
  • Versatility: The high-speed ADF can handle end-to-end scanning tasks as well as business cards, ID cards and insurance
  • High Speed ​​Dual Scanner: Scan both sides of documents and cards on both sides at the same time to save time.
  • Professional Quality: Durable and reliable enough, suitable for high capacity environments such as hospitals, banks and crowded retail stores.
  • Wide Compatibility: The built-in improved TWAIN driver provides compatibility with thousands of software applications and hardware systems.

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