EYETOO CE60 Touch Screen 1080P Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
EYETOO CE60 Touch Screen 1080P Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

EYETOO CE60 1080P Driving Mirror Recorder Car Camera 10 Inch IPS Full Touch Screen Reversing Camera Waterproof Reverse Camera Parking Monitor Loop Video

10" 1080P Mirrorless Driving Recorder with Touch Screen Rear View Camera, Dual Truck Driving Recorder with Parking Assistance, 720P Waterproof Rear View Camera, the best choice for recording important evidence and happy family day.

Quality features, the most profitable investment

❤ HD & Night Vision, 1080P Mirrorless Driving Recorder with Advanced Analog High Definition (AHD Technology) can record clear video day and night.
The wide viewing angle, adjustable rear view angle and front camera lens provide adjustable monitors at different angles when driving or reversing.
The elegant appearance and function are the same as ordinary mirrors, and the installation is easy and does not harm the overall decoration of the car.
The touch screen is easy to use, responds quickly, does not interfere with driving and drive safely.
❤ Other functions: loop recording and gravity sensor, parking monitoring, screen protection, support GPS module (note: you need to buy our dedicated GPS module)

EYETOO CE60 Touch Screen 1080P Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
EYETOO CE60 Touch Screen 1080P Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

  •     [Dual Recording] CE60 Driving Recorder with 1080P front camera and 720P rear camera, you can capture more details while driving. Two cameras record the road ahead and behind you at the same time to ensure your safety in the event of an accident or insured event.
  •     [10 Inch Wide Angle IPS Full Touch Screen] The 70° front camera and 160° rear view camera provide three times more field of view than traditional rear view, capturing more street scenes, reducing visible blind spots and status of the front and rear roads to ensure Safer vehicle driving.
  •     [Waterproof Reversing Camera and Parking Aid] The dual waterproof (IP68) CE60 rear camera supports photo/video reversing. Automatic switching to reverse mode when reversing, full-screen parking assistance, blind spot reduction and safe reversing.
  •     [Loop Record & G-Sensor & Parking Monitor] Loop Recording enables continuous recording even when the memory card is full. Important G-Sensor recordings will be locked into the locked video upon impact. The parking monitor works as a surveillance camera system when the car is parked. Recreate the scene of the accident when you need it most. Protect your safety and legal rights at all times.
  •     [Easy Installation and After-sales Service] The dual dashboard camera is attached to your existing rear view mirror with a rubber band, and the cable is fixed to the cabin and connected to the cigarette lighter. Each product comes with 7*24 hours customer service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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