Jansite DR65-US2 Front and Rear Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam
Jansite DR65-US2 Front and Rear Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam

Jansite DR65-US2 Upgraded 11 Inch Rear View Camera Dual Lens Front Rear View Camera 1080P Driving Recorder with Waterproof Rear View Camera Night Vision Cable 32.8ft G-Sensor Loop Recording

HDR / WDR function

HDR and WDR functions can prevent underexposure and overexposure.

The image quality is better than that of the original smart mirror and other products, and the brightness is corrected at night and in the tunnel to take beautiful pictures.

Simultaneous recording before and after

70° Wide Angle: The car rear view mirror is equipped with a wide angle camera to eliminate blind spots.

The 170-degree field of view for the front camera and the 140-degree field of view for the rear camera ensure you don't miss a thing while driving.

Ultra Night Vision

The Jansite Driving Recorder mirror enables high quality recording and recording thanks to its SONY sensor and 6-layer glass lens.

IP68 waterproof and dustproof rear view camera can record clear videos in rain/snow/fog and other weather conditions.

You can take high definition photos at night with dark and high definition photos.

adjustable viewing angle

The rear view camera provides automatically adjustable monitors at different angles when driving or reversing and can manually adjust the field of view up and down for the best field of view.

You can easily adjust the brightness by swiping the screen left or right.

Loop recording and sensors


Activate the G-Sensor, in the event of a sudden collision and collision, it will lock automatically and the video will be saved.

Episode recording:

When the storage space is full, Repeat Recording will automatically overwrite the oldest video.

Jansite DR65-US2 Front and Rear Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam
Jansite DR65-US2 Front and Rear Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam

  •     [Upgrade 11 Inch Driving Recorder] The 10.88 Inch Golden Ratio is perfect for your car. Equipped with dark view function, WDR function, loop recording, gravity sensor, screen saver, image reversal function compatible with rear view camera (mirror/normal image switching), 32.8ft rear camera cable, maximum support 128G SD card (not included).
  •     [Advanced 1080P Image Processing Technology] Full HD 1080P front and dual rear mirror can record in high quality at the same time! The use of advanced image noise reduction technology and appropriate post-processing technology can improve the sensitivity of the captured image while ensuring the image quality so that the image can be reproduced on site with the highest resolution. mirror camera.
  •     [Super Night Vision & Safe Parking] The 1080P HD rear view camera provides superior night vision in low light conditions and provides rearview instructions when reversing. Move the touch screen up and down to adjust the viewing angle and move the camera back and forth, which is flexible and convenient. Description can be adapted to your vehicle. The background image can be switched between the normal image and the mirror image as required.
  •     [Wide Dynamic Range and Ultra-High Sensitivity] Compared with the traditional Wide Dynamic technology, the new Wide Dynamic technology increases the depth of field of the image, achieves a high-speed shutter (exposure time), and delivers clear and crisp images. High quality. The rearview mirror drive recorder is equipped with AHD technology and media streaming technology, and the high-speed data transmission is smooth. To maximize performance, the Sony sensor is paired with a large-diameter F2.0 lens for superior sensitivity.
  •     [Multi-function support and 12-month warranty] Multi-functional rear view camera: Repeated recording, gravity sensor, reverse guide line display (adjustable), rear view camera reversing function (reverse image / normal image switching), etc. ★ There is a 12-month warranty (free replacement) from the date of purchase, but if you have any problems using it, please feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.

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