Fosmon PS5 Controller Non-Slip Skin Protective Case Cover
Fosmon PS5 Controller Non-Slip Skin Protective Case Cover

Fosmon A1758 Non-Slip Leather Cover, Compatible with Playstation PS5 DualSense Controller (Pack of 2 Black / Blue Camouflage), Sweat-wicking Silicone Rubber Protective Cover with Protective Cover 8 Thumb Grips
 Designed specifically for PS5 game consoles

Fosmon's silicone skin and thumb grip are made of premium quality materials to ensure a more durable and comfortable experience. The thumb surface and grip are specifically designed to make the PS5 DualSense Controller fit so snugly that you'll forget they're there. Compatible with Playstation 5 DualSense Controller.

full protection

Tired of seeing scratches and damages on your console? Fosmon silicone case and thumb grip protect your console from everyday wear, damage, scratches and bumps. Use our silicone case to stay stylish, keep your game console safe, and keep your head clear. Our silicone skin features a specially designed notch that allows you to use the buttons without interference, giving you a natural and smooth experience.

Comfortable thumb grip

Use the ergonomic thumb grip to take care of your ideas in the game, the ergonomic thumb grip provides a better grip, prevents your thumb from slipping off the joystick while protecting the joystick from damage and scratches. The thumb grip increases accuracy and precision, allowing you to perform the precise and precise movements required in the game.

2 head and 8 thumb grips

Two skins and 8 thumb grips allow you to completely design up to two controllers and protect them from damage while improving performance. The Fosmon thumb grip is firmly attached to the controller's analog joystick, resulting in better aiming and shooting accuracy and allowing the joystick to move over a larger area. Don't worry if your thumb slips off the joystick. The silicone case protects and hugs your console, so it's so comfortable you might forget it's there.

Fosmon PS5 Controller Non-Slip Skin Protective Case Cover
Fosmon PS5 Controller Non-Slip Skin Protective Case Cover

  •     [Designed for PS5 Controllers] Made of high quality silicone material, it is designed for convenient installation of PS5 DualSense controllers. Compatible with PlayStation 5 and DualSense devices.
  •     [Full Protection] Protect your PS5 DualSense Controller from daily wear and tear, scratches and malfunctions. This silicone case makes your gaming console safe and stylish. Single opening allows trouble-free access to all buttons.
  •     [Proper Thumb Grip] Proper thumb grip provides a better grip and ensures your thumb is stable without slipping. It can also protect the analog joystick from damage and scratches while increasing the precise range of motion.
  •     [2 Skins & 8 Thumb Buttons] Contains 2 PS5 DualSense silicone skins, 4 Pink Grips and 4 Long Grips for each controller. The thumb grip features a dot pattern that gives you better shooting accuracy, shooting accuracy and a wider range of motion for the joystick. These points also prevent the thumb from slipping off the joystick.
  •     [Limited Lifetime Warranty] This product is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Visit the Fosmon website for more information.

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