ZJRUI  Shockproof PS5 Faceplates Side Plates
ZJRUI  Shockproof PS5 Faceplates Side Plates

ZJRUI Fit PS5 Shell With Black Leather Center Panel,PS5 Shockproof Side Panel Fit For PS5 Side Panel
 PS5 Motherboard Cover for PlayStation 5, with PS5 Console Center Skin, PS5 Motherboard Shockproof Hard Case, PS5 Console Disc Edition Replacement Cover and Scratch Resistant Center Bar Sticker

PS5 Shell Changer Features

  •     Perfect fit for PS5 host: High quality PS5 replacement hard shell plate, only suitable for PS5 hard drive version.
  •     PS5 Scratch Resistant Hard Side Panel: Protect your host from dust, scratches and daily use.
  •     Convenient installation and disassembly: The installation and disassembly process is simple, suitable for Sony PS5 console, all buttons are easy to access without affecting functions.
  •     - Real machine model: PS5 precision positioning board, perfectly suitable for PS5 disc version, providing full protection for the PS5 host.


  •     Packing: 1 pair * PS5 board
  •     Color: Black PS5 Case / Red PS5 Case
  •     Material: high quality ABS board suitable for PS5
  •     Size: about 38.6 * 25.8 * 1cm (15.20 * 10.16 * 0.39in)

PS5 Console Middle Sticker Features

  •     Applies to: PS5 Console Sticker Applies to PS5 CD version only.
  •     HIGH QUALITY: Use ultra-thin, durable and lightweight vinyl material.
  •     PS5 Console Protector: A thin vinyl sticker that protects the center of the PS5 console from dust, fingerprints and scratches.
  •     Easy to install and disassemble: Made of ultra-thin and durable materials, easy to install or disassemble, no residue.
  •     STYLISH LOOK: Decorate and beautify your console without sacrificing functionality.
ZJRUI  Shockproof PS5 Faceplates Side Plates
ZJRUI  Shockproof PS5 Faceplates Side Plates

  •     🪐🪐 [PS5 Pad Hard Shockproof] Still worried that the PS5 console is blank and colorless? PS5 black scratch-resistant pad takes you to a new world of PS5 and provides you with richer colors, different look and feel of PS5 and great gaming life. The PlayStation 5 disc edition comes with a scratch-resistant black PS5 center console sticker so you can enjoy the wonderful world of PS5 right away. ⚡⚡⚡ PS5 side window is only available in PS5 host HDD version!
  •     🪐🪐 [Full Protection of the PS5 Host Protective Cover] The PS5 interface board not only allows you to expose the hard disk drive of the PS5 host, but also has the protection label on the middle part of the PS5 host, which gives you more complete protection information for the PS5. In addition, the center skin of the PS5 uses high-quality vinyl that can effectively prevent fingerprints. The PS5 middle shell panels have a compact design, which is more convenient to install (the PS5 middle shell can be pasted repeatedly).
  •     🪐🪐 [PS5 Protective Board Made of High Quality ABS] The PS5 plate is made of sturdy, sturdy and durable ABS material, which can effectively withstand wear, damage and scratches. At the same time, you don't have to worry about the matte black PS5 pad getting dirty. Simply wipe the PS5 motherboard with a damp cloth to keep the console clean. Whether it is the black color of the PS5 board or the red color of the PS5 interface board, the PS5 host can be more easily integrated into the general environment and PS5 games can be fully enjoyed.
  •     🪐🪐 [Determining the exact position of the PS5 card slot on the board This time, the PS5 cover chuck adopts the latest version of the PS5 host chuck as a model to ensure that each card slot is one-to-one. At the same time, the sleeve with the middle part of the sticker on the PS5 replacement plate is based on the prototype design of the disc version of the PS 5 console and can be fully assembled by push and pull does not prevent any playing operations. 💥 Black PS5 motherboard only, excluding PS5 console.
  •     🪐🪐 [Perfect After-Sales Service System] The PS5 pad in PS5 can perfectly match with the PS5 host CD. Note: The shock resistance of the PS5 pad does not apply to the digital version of the PS5 host! ZJRUI also hopes to use the best service so that you can get the PS5 console replacement box, which will bring you a different feeling and the best after-sales experience. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to let us know anytime and we will 100% solve your problem.

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