GE Lighting C by GE On/Off Button Style Works with Alexa
GE Lighting C by GE On/Off Button Style Works with Alexa

GE Lighting 93105002 C Alexa On/Off Button + Switch Without Google Home Hub, Single Pole/3 Way Replacement Smart Switch, White

C by GE Smart On/Off Switch adds smart light bulb function to traditional light bulb, keeps smart light bulb smart. The Wi-Fi smart switch adds traditional lighting with external controls, schedule, and stage settings. After installing Cync or C by GE Smart lightbulb, Smart Switch enables app or voice control, even if the switch is out of power. Combine the Smart Switch with Cync or C by GE Smart Bulbs to install in other lights such as desk lamps and control all the lights in the room with a single wall switch. The C by GE Smart Switch's On/Off switch wirelessly connects to the other Cync C switches on the GE Smart Switch, so you can control the same light from multiple switches. Easy DIY setup. Smart Switch can connect directly to Google Home and Alexa devices without a hub. The neutral wire should generally be a white or gray wire.

Fits every lamp

Convert regular incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs into smart light bulbs, and keep the C by GE smart light bulb connected even when the switch is off.

setting table

Program the lights to turn on and off automatically

Leave control at home

Turn your phone's lights on or off when you're not home.

gather together

Combine multiple switches and lights and use one switch to control all the lights.

Smooth gradation

Traditional LED lights are dimmed or dimmed to create the perfect atmosphere.

No home and audio controls required

You don't need a separate bridge or hub to connect directly to your Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices.

Just "do it yourself"

It takes about 30 minutes to install the switch and screwdriver. Clamps and voltage testers are optional.

Compatible with single-pole and three-pole switching applications

Suitable for existing electrical boxes. Need a neutral conductor. Use GE smart switches to replace two switches with C that can be used with 3-way applications

room wireless control button

Install C by GE smart bulbs in other bulbs and configure them in the C by GE app to wirelessly control all bulbs with a smart switch.

No change in the tracking group

Multiple switches can be connected without a travel cord. Control lights wirelessly in the same circuit as controlling kitchen lights from the hallway.

Requires neutral and wifi

Before starting the installation, please check your wiring to make sure you have a neutral wire (usually the gray or white wire on the control box) and a WiFi connection. Requires 2.4GHz WiFi.

GE Lighting C by GE On/Off Button Style Works with Alexa
GE Lighting C by GE On/Off Button Style Works with Alexa

  •  Upgrade your smart home: With the C by GE smart light switch, you can control your lighting via touch, the Cync mobile app, or your voice assistant. Use Google Home or Alexa (sold separately), the C by GE light switch can easily control the lighting
  • C by GE Smart Light Switch: Use smart light bulbs and ready-to-use light switches to keep you comfortable. With advanced functions like home control and planning, you'll never go back to the dark house.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home (device sold separately): Cync, C by GE Smart Bulbs, and Smart Switch continue to support voice and app control even when the wall switch is turned off.
  • Turn a traditional light bulb into a smart light bulb: With the C by GE Wi-Fi Switch, you can easily create a light bulb compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa when paired with a smart device.
  • LED Light Switch, etc.: Set the scene according to your mood using the Cync mobile app, touch or voice assistant to control the C by GE Wi-Fi light switch. Suitable for LED lamp, incandescent lamp, halogen lamp and CFL lamp.

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