Amazon tries to simplify the dressing room across its stores
Amazon tries to simplify the dressing room across its stores

Rumor has it that Amazon's merchandising experience could use high-tech methods to sell clothes, just like the company uses groceries, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal.

The planned planned store aims to increase clothing sales by giving buyers the opportunity to try their own clothes in an art-oriented changing room.

It was previously reported that the company plans to open department stores in California and Ohio, a natural expansion that will push the company into physical retail. These supermarkets are also said to have their own clothing brands.

Like Amazon's Go-Store, the Wall Street Journal seems to suggest that Amazon-branded stores focus on customer convenience. As many technical solutions as possible are used.

According to the information, customers can use a smartphone app to scan a QR code for the item they want to try before the seller picks up the item and puts it in the locker room.

The article wrote that once customers enter the locker room, they can use the touch screen to order more products. Who can recommend additional clothes because of the clothes buyers.

Amazon is also considering introducing bots or automation to simplify the shopping experience. However, it is not yet clear how these ideas will be implemented.

Amazon wants high-tech changing rooms

The Wall Street Journal wrote that the company's store initially sold Amazon clothing brands. But it also showed offers from retailers selling in their online marketplaces.

The company created quite a stir in the apparel industry in 2016. After the company was accused of copying its competitors from its own brands, the company has come into increasing focus.

It is said to have overtaken Walmart to become the largest apparel retailer in the United States. And that was before the supermarket affected the company's valuation and its brand.

Selling clothes in a department store can give their products an identity beyond their usual price tag. If this is the business plan. Its department store can offer shoppers and employees an entirely different experience than traditional clothing stores.

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