GUBENCI Virtual Reality Headset for 4.7-6.5 Inch Smartphones
GUBENCI Virtual Reality Headset for 4.7-6.5 Inch Smartphones

GUBENCI VR Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphone Android 4.7-6.5 inch Android VR 3D Eye Protection Glasses Comfortable Eye Protection 120° Field of View with Stereo Headset

  •  Amazing 360° Immersive Experience: Experience virtual reality in an easy, fun and affordable way. Just connect your phone to a 3D virtual reality headset and you will enter into the world of virtual reality. Whether you want to play games, take a virtual vacation or watch a movie, the possibilities of GUBENCI VR are endless. Portable VR headsets allow you to easily interact with the virtual world. The high-resolution anti-blue lens and 120-degree wide-angle field of view ensure an astonishing and amazing 360-degree experience.
  • ◆Fashionable and Comfortable Design: Since wearing VR glasses for a long time leads to fatigue, we have introduced many new models of VR glasses. The ultra-light material reduces the weight of the VR headset for Android. Soft and breathable PU leather mask. The retractable helmet design and independent lens adjustment meet the needs of different people. The iPhone VR headset answers calls with a single tap, comfortably and worry-free.
  • HIFI STEREO HEADPHONES: GUBENCI VR headset is equipped with a stereo HIFI headset with 3D sound technology, which allows you to have an immersive 3D listening experience, good soundproofing effect and strong bass so that you can change the mode depending on the sound discrimination ability, VR headset with headset give yourself Immersive realism when playing games and watching movies (only devices that support 3.5mm jack).
  • ◆ Wide Compatibility: VR is compatible with smartphones, regardless of whether it is Android system, IOS system, large screen phone, mobile phone or small screen (4.6-6.5 inch). VR glasses compatible with iPhone 6/7/8/XR/11/12 series. Samsung S8/S9/S10/S20 series, Note 8/9/10/20 series and other Android phones; Google Pixel series phones; Android phones LG Motorola Huawei Xiaomi etc.
  • ◆ Correct use of the VR headset: 1. Place the smartphone in front of two lenses of the VR headset and align the dividing line on the phone screen image with the center line of the two lenses of the VR glasses (if not aligned, clear or distorted images are not displayed). 2. Adjust the handle of the pupil to focus. 3. Twist the knobs (model room knobs) on both sides to get a clear picture. 4. If you need help, email us and it will be resolved.

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