TKAIE VR Gaming Headphones for Oculus Quest 2
TKAIE VR Gaming Headphones for Oculus Quest 2

TKAIE VR Gaming Headset for Oculus Quest 2, VR Headset for Augmented Virtual Reality immersion, Bluetooth V5.0 headset with 3.5mm audio cable, USB charging cable and Velcro closure.

 Gain flexibility in equipment

This bluetooth headset is ideal for people who use multiple devices. With Bluetooth hands-free technology, you can connect with laptops, computers, mobile phones and tablets seamlessly.

Equipped with a 3.5mm audio cable, this speaker also supports wired connection when the battery is empty.

Foldable design.

With a design that can be rotated 90 degrees, the headset can be stored neatly in a laptop bag or backpack.

Environmental noise suppression

- The TKAIE bluetooth headset has a unique design that makes it very durable. Excellent noise canceling function can prevent nearby chatter.

Soft ear pads

TKAIE strives to develop helmets with easy-to-use features.

Soft and breathable earmuffs keep your ears comfortable all day long.

Classic leather headband

The design is very light and comfortable, suitable for long games.

The headband and ear pads made of memory foam and wrapped in high-quality faux leather are comfortable to wear for hours. Use your VR benefits continuously and continuously.

adjustable headband

After thousands of tests, this wireless bluetooth headphones with adjustable headband is suitable for all head shapes; They are ideal for offices, remote work, call centers and truck drivers.

TKAIE VR Gaming Headphones for Oculus Quest 2
TKAIE VR Gaming Headphones for Oculus Quest 2

  •  Best VR Immersion: The official on-ear audio solution for Oculus Quest 2. Developed by the world's leading esports professionals, passive sound isolation allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience without disturbing the outside world.
  • Noise Reduction: Designed for the best gaming experience, providing clear and accurate audio visualization for amazing VR experiences.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: The leather-lined headband is light and provides just the right clamping force to ensure the fit; The high-quality soft and light materials ensure unparalleled comfort during long gaming sessions. Enjoy virtual reality to the fullest and smoothly.
  • BLUTOOTH 5.0 Technology: Bluetooth 5.0 technology has a great impact on power consumption and signal optimization, which can greatly extend battery life and improve the signal stability of Bluetooth headphones.
  • All day long: 2-hour charge can be used up to 15 hours; more than 200 hours in standby mode; The office headphones can be used during the day to listen to music or make hands-free calls.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE: TKAIE gaming headphones are engineered for durability, reliability, great feel, and aesthetics.

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