Jansite IPS Full Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera
Jansite IPS Full Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera

Jansite [Newest 11 Inch] 2.5k Car Recorder Front and Rear View Mirror GPS Tracking IPS Full Touch Screen Rear View Camera Night Vision Rear View Camera Sony IMX 307 Starvis Sensor with G-sensor Loop Recording

11 inch + HD

The 11-inch IPS screen has a resolution of 1920 * 480 as the gold standard, which is larger than the 10-inch screen and more consistent and beautiful than the 12-inch screen.

2.5K dual camera, large field of view

Both cameras offer Ultra HD video resolutions of 2560 x 1440 pixels (2.5K). It gives you clearer pictures and can remotely capture license plates. 170-degree adjustable front lens, 160-degree rear lens cap and 330-degree total field of view, reduce blind spots and capture more scenes on the road.

GPS to track location and speed

GPS records the exact speed and location data of the driving cam while driving. Check your route and speed by playing the recorded video on gxplayer (Intro).

mirror switch

The SONY IMX 307 FHD 1080P Rear View Camera delivers an industry-leading experience. The rear camera also supports mirror/original image adjustment according to different driving habits and situations.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) achieves a clear image by automatically exposure compensation in extreme darkness for clear night vision, and video, day or night.

Adjustable gravity sensor

When the built-in G-sensor detects a sudden vibration or collision, the camera will automatically stop the driving accident and turn off the video, which can be used as an important evidence for insurance claims.

Reverse assistant

When the car is in reverse mode, the rearview mirror drive recorder will automatically switch to the rear view camera display and provide a reversing line, giving you a complete sense of safety.

Jansite IPS Full Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera
Jansite IPS Full Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera

  •     [The latest 11-inch gold ratio compared to 10 and 12-inch] The latest 11-inch gold-ratio (the highest resolution 1920 * 480p screen) has only 2.5K high resolution on the 11-inch viewing angle camera screen is larger than 10 mirror recorders. To cover most scenes around the car, it is about 100g lighter than the 12 inch dashboard cam to keep the original car rearview mirror from sagging and sagging.
  •     [2.5K Ultra HD Streaming Media & Advanced User Interface] Provides Ultra HD video resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (2.5K). The driving recorder can help capture license plate stickers and more driving details to avoid collision and escape. The menu contains large icons and touch gestures that allow you to easily switch between screens without having to search for the menu while driving. Brightness adjustments, screen movement, ascending and descending operations are smoother, so you can pay more attention to road conditions.
  •     [GPS Tracking Route and Speed] Why install GPS in the driving recorder? Thanks to the GPS module, geographical data is recorded as well as your driving speed for all your trips, GPS is included in the antenna package Check your route and speed by playing the recorded video on gxplayer (introduction).
  •     [Powerful Functions & Amazing Upgrade Process] It is easy to play a video on the drive recorder without copying the video to the computer, at the same time, the file playback interface can be locked/deleted/unlocked. Or unlock all files (locked files can be saved forever). In addition, there is a WDR function, a reverse camera mirror switching function, a delay function (1 second / 1 frame), Hartwire kit required, not included, and a loop recording function.
  •     [Easy to use] Just use a strap to connect the operating mirror to the original rearview mirror, even if the box is full of things, the back of the car can be seen from the rearview mirror instead of the original rearview mirror, the original rearview mirror is a complete box, and the addition of The unique 32.81ft rear view camera cable to help you solve the camera cable problem.

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