VS Life MA 10 FHD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Car
VS Life MA 10 FHD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Car

VS Life MA 10" FHD 2.5K Mirror Driving Recorder with Full Touch Screen, Waterproof Rear View Camera, Car Rear View Mirror, Rear View Camera, Night Vision Improvement/Parking Monitor/Circular Recording/Emergency Lock

Ultra Night Vision

The improved night vision function makes our mirror recorder stand out from the rest. With the advanced "Starvis" sensor with high sensitivity and low noise, it can record crisp and clear videos. Clearly display license plates, road signs, etc. in the dark.

simultaneous recording

This rearview mirror camera is designed to give the driver the best possible view. The front and rear cameras can record at the same time and you can switch between different viewing modes with a single touch.

Wide field of view

The advanced front camera covers a field of view of 170 degrees and the waterproof rear camera covers a field of view of 140 degrees. Once the vehicle is started, the two cameras record at the same time thus providing complete and quick protection for your vehicle.

emergency lock

When the dashcam's built-in gravity sensor detects an emergency shake or collision, the video file is automatically locked and saved to ensure that the most important lens is protected from breaking during repeated recording.

Repeat recording

Our rearview mirror camera has a smart loop recording function. When your TF card is full, our rear camera will automatically delete the oldest photos and make room for the newest ones. When the capacity is full, you don't have to worry about buying more cards.

24 hour parking monitoring

Insure your vehicle at all times. If the gravity sensor detects vibrations after the parking monitoring function is activated, the dash cam will wake up and start recording video. It can protect your car even at night.

VS Life MA 10 FHD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Car
VS Life MA 10 FHD 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Car

  •     🚘 [Night vision upgrade camera with 2.5K large aperture (F2.0 + F1.8) and excellent lens (4G + 2G), the front camera and car rear view camera can provide very clear and full HD video, so that you can obtain remote authorization plate clearly. The night vision (low light intensity) of the car camera can also automatically adjust the light to the surrounding environment so that you can capture more details at night. We will be the guardians of the night cruises.
  •     🚘 [Loop Recording & Emergency Lock] It has the functions of smart loop recording and emergency lock. When the TF card is full (>64G), our rear camera will automatically delete the oldest photos to make room for the last one. In addition, the sensitive gravity sensor automatically detects collisions and blocks event videos to prevent them from being deleted.
  •     🚘 [Easy Reverse & Park] When reversing, the dashboard camera in the rearview mirror automatically switches to reverse mode, so you can intuitively see the rear of the vehicle without turning around to confirm. On-screen Reverse Assist helps you park quickly and easily. You don't have to worry about falling into the hands of a cat, dog or child.
  •     The 10-inch IPS touch screen and frameless camera with ultra-wide viewing angle consists of a 10-inch IPS touch screen and 2.5D glass, which can provide large format and highly detailed images. Touch screen design is more humane and easier to use. Tap the screen and it will respond immediately. The wide angle lens (170°+140°) can also effectively eliminate blind spots so that you can see clearly behind or in front of you, making driving safer.
  •     🚘 [IP67 Waterproof and Parking Monitoring] This car rear view camera has IP67 waterproof and weatherproof functions and can be used for a long time. Other features such as parking monitoring (motion detection) continue to protect and monitor in real time after your vehicle is turned off to keep property safe. Delayed recording compresses long videos into a small memory, but before activating these features, you need to connect them with a step-down cable.

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