Jansite Smart Voice Control 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam
Jansite Smart Voice Control 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

Jansite T59Y-MZ-US2 Mirror Recorder 2.5K Intelligent Voice Control 10 Inch Rear View Camera With 170 Degree Waterproof Rear View Camera Ultra Night Vision Sensor Gravity Sensor Recording Parking Aid Full Touch Screen

Intelligent Voice Control

Car mirrors with cameras recognize exact commands when recording. It is more convenient and safe to drive. Supports 8 voice commands.

2.5K + 1080P Ultra HD simultaneous recording before and after

Equipped with a 2.5K HD front camera and 1080P rear camera, the camera's rearview mirror records clear videos, reads the license plate day and night, protects you and provides evidence of insurance claims such as traffic rage and accident behavior.

The 170-degree adjustable front camera and 140-degree rear view camera reduce blind spots and capture more street scenes.

10 inch IPS and adjustable viewing angle

The full-size 10" IPS HD mirrored touch screen provides you with clear and bright road conditions in real time without stuttering.

IP68 1080P Rear View Camera Waterproof

The upgraded 1080P HD rear view camera covers the entire rear view, making it safer without distortion and giving you a clearer and wider rear view.

The IP68 waterproof rear view camera can record clear videos in rain/snow/fog and other climates.

Reverse assistant

When you shift to speed "r", the rear view is automatically displayed with on-screen instructions.

Adjustable rear guide line (high / medium / low), wide angle and wide field of view, beginners can easily return to memory.

Episode recording

If the memory card is full, repeat the recording to protect your video evidence by overwriting the old lens with the new content.

If a conflict is detected, manually locked files and locked files will not be overwritten automatically.

Jansite Smart Voice Control 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam
Jansite Smart Voice Control 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

  •     [Smart Voice Control System] The only 10 inch 2.5A voice control camera rearview mirror on the market outperforms other dashboard mirrored cameras. They say you're listening, it's flawless, it's fast and easy to use, and it supports 8 voice commands of "show front/rear camera, unlock/close screen, take pictures, lock video, turn on/off audio". There is no touch screen, your hands are on the steering wheel, which makes your driving more comfortable and safer. (Note: Only English is supported)
  •     [Ultra HD 2.5K + 1080P Front and Rear Simultaneous Recording] 2.5K front camera (2560 x 1440 pixels) and 1080P rear camera (1920 x 1080 pixels) record simultaneously, giving you a clearer picture, remote disc recording and more detail recording Leadership. Images are transmitted in real time and displayed in full screen mode. The car rearview mirror is equipped with a 170-degree front camera and a 140-degree wide-angle rear view camera to reduce blind spots and capture more street scenes.
  •     [Super Night Vision] IP68 waterproof rear view camera with large aperture and 6 glass lenses, collecting more light even in low light without additional light source, easy to get clear and accurate images, you can read license plates and other important information clearly in the night . The IP68 waterproof rear camera can help you drive safely in rainy or foggy weather.
  •     [Safe Parking, Powerful Function] It has a parking system. When the car reverses, the screen image will show the parking guide line, which is safe and convenient to park. Record continuously and automatically overwrite it when the first video clip reaches full capacity on the memory card. Supports memory card up to 128GB (not included), memory expansion and more recordings. With a built-in gravity sensor system, the camera's rearview mirror closes the scene in the event of a collision to preserve evidence.
  •     [10m Rear View Camera Cable] The professional team rear view camera features a 10m (32.8ft) rear view camera cable that helps you solve the problem of short camera cables during installation so that it can be installed in large vehicles. Every Jansite product offers 7*24 hours customer service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

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