JOMISE G810 FHD Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
JOMISE G810 FHD Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

JOMISE G810 Car Mirror Drive Recorder, 11 Inch FHD 1080P Touch Screen, Front & Rear Camera with Dual Lens, Enhanced Night Vision with Sony Starvis Sensor, GPS, Gravity Sensor, Parking Assistant, Loop Recording

split screen function

JOMISE G810 supports front and rear view split screen display function, supports virtual split screen, so that you can understand the front and rear dynamics of the vehicle while driving in real time without frequent adjustments.

short mode

The elegant user interface gives you a refreshing monitoring experience. JOMISE G810 supports hidden function icons on the screen. Hide all function icons, reveal the screen and let you know more details in real time.

Specular reflection and vertical plane

As it is compatible with more models, we have updated the rearview mirror reversing and vertical tilt functions of the JOMISE G810 rear view camera to better meet the mounting needs of different models such as vans, RVs and trucks.

adjustable viewing angle

This dual lens front and rear camera can manually adjust the field of view up and down to get the best field of view when driving or reversing, and you can easily adjust the screen brightness by dragging the screen left and right.

Ultra Night Vision

Superior night vision function can record clear and detailed videos in low light conditions, provides maximum color reproduction, protects your eyes from strong or low light, and allows you to clearly read license plates and other important information.

Reverse help

When the "R" gear is engaged, the rearview mirror automatically appears on the display and provides information about comfortable and safe parking. This function is activated by the red cable of the reverse camera, which is connected to the positive pole of the reverse light.

Episode recording

The loop recording function can continuously record all the details of the driving process. The powerful configuration supports memory cards up to 128GB (not included). Please format the memory card in FAT32 format on the computer before using it, then format it on the dashcam.

24 hour parking monitoring

24 hour parking monitoring to ensure the security of your parking at all times. If the gravity sensor detects vibrations after the parking monitoring function is activated, the driving recorder will wake up and start recording 20 seconds of video. The camera requires a constant power source from an external battery or a strong set of wires.

JOMISE G810 FHD Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
JOMISE G810 FHD Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

  •     [11 inch IPS Full Touchscreen] JOMISE G810 streaming media camera uses an 11 inch IPS full touch screen with a resolution of 1920 * 480. The higher the resolution, the brighter and lighter the color. The user-friendly interface makes the operation easier and more convenient.
  •     [1080P Full HD Dual Camera] JOMISE G810 mirror recorder uses improved chipset technology.
  •     [Back Vertical Mirror Reversal] This rear mirror camera has the latest exclusive functions that allow you to mirror and invert the image vertically. You can adapt it to your current situation and it is fully compatible with vans, RVs and trucks.
  •     [Excellent Protection Technology] Compared with the phenomenon of interference that may occur with other dashcams, JOMISE G810 adopts excellent protection technology and materials and does not cause any source of interference to the car radio and car TV during operation. It is your reliable partner.
  •     [Split Screen Technology] JOMISE G810 supports simultaneous display of front and rear view on the screen, and also supports setting as the default display mode, so that you can monitor the dynamics of front and rear vehicles in real time while driving, for a safer driving experience.

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