MPW 5dBi Wireless Antenna Outdoor Solar Security Cameras
MPW 5dBi Wireless Antenna Outdoor Solar Security Cameras

MPW Outdoor Solar Security Camera 5dBi Radio Antenna 360° Home PTZ Camera 1080P Color Night Vision 14400mAh Battery Dual Channel Audio Dual Radar and Radar Detection IP66 SD/Cloud Storage

 1080P HD color night vision

This outdoor solar security camera is equipped with 1920 x 1080 HD night vision and color night vision function, which can show you color video. At the same time, the wireless camera has 4 headlights and 5 infrared lights and the night vision distance can reach 25 meters. Even in the dark, you can rotate it from a distance of 355 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically and 4x digital zoom (no optical zoom) to focus on any area without losing detail.

Rotate the camera manually in the UBox app

355° horizontal rotation, 100° vertical rotation and 4x digital zoom that can be controlled in the app, 130° wide angle outdoor PTZ camera ensures that every corner of your home, shop and garage can be photographed in a panoramic view.

Display and siren

Outdoor projector cameras can illuminate a large area and take pictures with vivid colors. Anyone who enters your property will set off the alarm or you can activate the alarm manually via the app.

3m waterproof solar extension cable

With 3M extenders, the wireless outdoor cameras with solar panels can be installed anywhere, for example b- in parks, front gardens, backyards or anywhere you want.

Real-time response

Outdoor security cameras support two-way audio to talk directly to anyone near your home

share with your friends

Share the live broadcast with your family and friends. When motion is detected, all users can receive an alert at the same time.

clear battery screen

The mobile application shows the battery consumption of the solar outdoor security camera in real time, so that you can see the battery life of the camera at a glance.

Weather resistance class IP66

The outdoor surveillance camera is equipped with an IP66 waterproof housing, which enables the operation of the PTZ CCTV camera even in harsh weather conditions.

MPW 5dBi Wireless Antenna Outdoor Solar Security Cameras
MPW 5dBi Wireless Antenna Outdoor Solar Security Cameras

  •  [Solar Powered & 5 dBm Antenna] Wireless outdoor security camera with solar panel and 144,000mAh rechargeable battery can provide continuous power. Remove and charge the camera. The 5dbi dual antenna enables the camera to have a stronger and more stable network reception. It only supports 2.4GHz WiFi which provides better penetration and greater WiFi range. It does not support 5GHz.
  • [Flexible Tilt, 360° Coverage] The app can control 355° horizontal rotation, 100° vertical rotation, 4x digital zoom, 130° wide angle, outdoor PTZ camera to secure your home, business, garage.
  • [Color Night Vision & IP66 Waterproof] The dome security camera is a 1080P HD daytime video and color night vision projector with two night vision modes: color night vision and infrared. Dual light source design and 4 flashlights and infrared lights can show you vivid color images in complete darkness. The outdoor camera is equipped with an IP66 waterproof housing in order to operate the camera even in harsh weather conditions.
  • 【PIR motion detection and two-way audio. After receiving the reminder, you can use the app to talk to anyone in front of the camera anytime, anywhere, and in real time. This security camera is not only a monitor for your home, it can also be used to deter thieves or thieves.
  • [128GB SD Card, 30 Days Free Cloud Storage] Supports up to 128GB Extended Encrypted Storage, 30 Days Free Trial Cloud Storage. All video files can only be played in your app. Files exported from the SD card cannot be played back to another device. Even if your WiFi camera is stolen, you don't have to worry about privacy because it will take a picture of the thief and send it to you.

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