VANBAR T8-X1 1080P WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime
VANBAR T8-X1 1080P WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime

VANBAR T8-X1 WiFi Video Doorbell Camera, VANBAR 1080P Wireless Video Doorbell Camera, with Doorbell, Motion Detection, Two-way Audio, Night Vision, Home Security IP65 Waterproof, Cloud Storage, Easy to Install

Clear night vision, keep an eye on your eyes at night

  •     The video doorbell camera is equipped with 6 infrared LEDs and a sensitive light sensor that can automatically switch to night vision mode when the light fades. Even at night you can see who is approaching.
  •     Best night vision distance: 6.5 feet (2 meters).

Real-time visualization and two-way chat

  •     By pressing the intercom button, you can talk to the visitors at the door anytime and anywhere.
  •     In addition, the real-time video allows you to check if there are any suspicious people in your area.

Motion detectors and push notifications

  •     If someone approaches, they will be notified immediately, even if they don't ring the doorbell. WiFi doorbell camera with motion sensor sends notifications directly to your smartphone. You can receive notifications anytime and anywhere.
  •     Sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according to application requirements (high / medium / low or off).

data protection

  • With VANBAR, customers can control who can view and access their videos and devices. We respect the privacy and security of our customers. Your videos are stored in the cloud and can be deleted at any time. Depending on how long your plan has been saved, your video will be permanently deleted from our server.

Wireless doorbell with built-in ringtone

  •     A doorbell is included in the package and when the doorbell rings, the doorbell will ring to remind you to visit. It can be connected directly to the power supply. A variety of different ringtones are included, so just choose the ones you want as a reminder. If the call is muted or not present, don't miss any guest calls.
  •     The distance between the doorbell and the doorbell should not exceed 35 meters.

VANBAR T8-X1 1080P WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime
VANBAR T8-X1 1080P WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime

  •  🌙 [HD 1080P image, 1080P excellent night vision, 140° wide-angle lens, this wifi doorbell camera can bring you clear pictures and videos. The built-in infrared lamp also works well at night. When it gets dark, the doorbell automatically switches to night vision mode. Day or night, you can see exactly who is ringing the doorbell.
  • 🎤 [Motion Detection & Two-Way Talk] VANBAR Wireless Video Doorbell Camera has a built-in PIR sensor that can send alert notifications to your mobile phone and store it in the cloud when someone is detected. You can see visitors before you open the door to ensure your safety. The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, but you can view and talk to them in real time through the app (Aiwit).
  • 🔋 [Wireless, Rechargeable, Long Lasting Ringtone] This WiFi doorbell camera is equipped with a 5200mAh 18650 Li-ion battery that can be connected to 2.4GHz WiFi (5GHz WiFi is not supported). It installs and connects wirelessly, so you can set it up outside without the hassle of cables and connections. When fully charged, the camera can wake up approximately 1200 times. In addition, the video doorbell is made of high-quality materials, IP65 waterproof, and can withstand various harsh weather conditions.
  • ☁️ [Free cloud storage and videos shared by multiple users can be stored in the cloud for up to 3 days. There is no storage limit and the device will automatically overwrite previous files for repeated recording. The camera doorbell supports up to 8 user connected devices so that your whole family can monitor your home security at the same time.
  • 🏡 [Easy to Install and Inside the Doorbell] The front door camera can be installed with the phone app using screws or double-sided tape (both included). Download the "Aiwit" app on your smartphone according to the operating instructions and pair it with the doorbell before installation. The included free internal ringtone supports a variety of different ringtones and can be linked to notify you when someone rings the doorbell.

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