NEWDERY PS5 Controller Charger Station
NEWDERY PS5 Controller Charger Station

NEWDERY PS5 Console Charging Station Dualsense PS5 Charging Station With Fast Charging Power Supply Suitable For Playstation 5 Game Console

Charging station for NEWDERY PS5 console

This dual charging station is suitable for PS5 game consoles and provides you with a safe, reliable and fast charging experience. An essential accessory for the PS5 host.

Easy to install and stable charging

  •     PS5 game console charging station simplifies your desk.
  •     Special design with deep grooves makes console charging stable and random charging!
  •     Four non-slip pedals prevent the PS5 wireless controller from moving while charging.

Smart LED Display

  •     Charging: The blue light of the PS5 handle charging base will flash;
  •     Fully charged or in standby mode: This blue light stays on.
  •     The PS5 host charger has a built-in protection chip to provide the most secure protection for your host.

  •  [PS5 Game Console Charger] This PS5 game console charger is designed to charge two PS5 controllers at the same time. The PS5 charging station is equipped with a 5V/3A fast charger that can fully charge the PS5 DualSense console within 3 hours. Save time and have more fun. (Note: Please use the original charger or the charger (5V/3A) on the package).
  • [LED Indicator & Non-Slip Panel] The LED indicator will flash blue when the host is charging, and the Playstation 5 host will continue to work when it is fully charged/in standby. The PS5 charger also has 4 non-slip pedals to prevent the PS5 wireless controller from moving while charging.
  • [Safe Charging] The ps5 dual sensor charging station has an integrated smart chip to prevent overcharging, overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage and short circuit only if necessary. This will not damage the battery of your PS5 controller. These are the necessary accessories for PS5 console.
  • [Organize Your Console] The 4-hole design makes it easy to charge and randomize your PS5 console! And the PS5 dual host charging station keeps your PS5 host tidy and can also protect your host from daily scratches and scuffs.
  • [You will receive if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns.

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