Xbox requires a dedicated media mode
Xbox requires a dedicated media mode

The new generation of Xbox is very successful. Compared to previous generations or the PlayStation 5 competitor, it offers the highest gaming performance. However, the experience of using the device in areas other than gaming is not ideal.

Most Xbox users rely on the platform for other purposes. Because it is an all-in-one device with a custom operating system. Unplugging the device from the TV and using the same TV app again (if it's smart) can be very tedious.

Instead, the best solution is to use the platform for entertainment and sometimes content creation tasks. However, the Xbox Series X's experience in this area is far from perfect.

Xbox as an all-in-one platform

The new device offers a selection of exclusive games. Such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and Sea of ​​Thieves. However, it cannot be compared to the PlayStation 5 in this respect. Which offers dozens of exclusive products.

Perhaps this is understandable for gamers. Especially since the platform will offer many exclusive games in the future. But the user experience issue remains the most important.

In fact, the user interface of the device is mainly derived from the previous generations on the one hand and from Windows on the other. It is easy to use in terms of games. However, using it to manipulate the media is not the case.

In general, gaming platforms are very media friendly as CD players support DVD and Blu-ray discs. In addition to the availability of applications for viewing content such as Netflix or YouTube.

But the handling of these apps isn't perfect on the Xbox platform. At the same time, PlayStation 5 provides a better experience. It has a tab dedicated to streaming and displaying applications.

The Xbox interface assumes that it is generally not suitable for casual users. As it is easy to use for gamers, but for ordinary users who prefer to use it to watch content, the experience is not good.

When using the remote control, i. NS. Using the remote control to manage the Xbox console takes the user to the main game screen. Instead of redirecting it to the content viewer app.

The size of the Xbox Series X is huge. In fact, it is about the size of a PC. Thus, users hope that it can be used for more tasks. Don't just run the game.

This is because it is usually connected to the TV all the time. This allows all residents of the house to interact with it at all times, even those who do not want to play.

All of these issues can be fixed with the new Xbox update. However, it depends on what Microsoft wants.

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