PlayVital Silicone Cover Skin for Xbox Series X/S Controller
PlayVital Silicone Cover Skin for Xbox Series X/S Controller

PlayVital BLX3020 White Water Transfer Silicone Protective Cover with Spray Pattern, Suitable for Xbox Series X / S Controllers, Soft Rubber Protective Cover, Suitable for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox Core Controller with 6 Thumb Grips

  •     Worried about accidentally damaging or scratching your new console?
  •     Want to add characters and fists quickly and easily?
  •     PlayVital's high-quality silicone protective case will meet your needs and bring you a new gaming experience.
  •     A spent pimple area on the face to prevent overlapping of pimples
  •     Raised white spots look great; Personalize your console to make it unique.
  •     Comfortable and ergonomic handle, suitable for long-range games.

  •  High quality silicone case specially developed for Xbox Series S / X (Xbox Core) console (model 1914). A variety of styles and colors are available to make the game console safe, original and fashionable
  • The anti-slip silicone leather surface has an ergonomic design for mobile devices, which improves grip while playing, prevents slipping, and gives you a better gaming experience.
  • Lightweight and durable, easy to install and disassemble, does not interfere with the operation of the console after it is placed, and does not interfere with the use of buttons and connectors
  • The precision-cut rubber sleeve provides comprehensive, reliable protection for your Xbox Series S / X console, preventing scratches, dirt, drops, spills and grease in everyday use.
  • Comes with 1pc silicone skin and 3 pairs of thumb grips in different styles, without controller or other parts. Important Note: This product is not suitable for the console when it comes with a headphone adapter

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