PORMIDO PR998S Mirror Dash Cam with Detached Front Camera
PORMIDO PR998S Mirror Dash Cam with Detached Front Camera

PORMIDO PR998S 12 Inch Mirror Drive Recorder With Independent Front Camera Split Screen Full HD Anti-Glare 1296P Dual Lens Car Rear View Camera Sony Super Night Vision Parking Assistant

The front and rear cameras are equipped with a cover for the SONY IMX335 F / 2.0 sensor, which can take high-resolution photos even in poor lighting conditions. The six lenses of HDR technology can filter the overexposure of other car headlights, so that you can see the license plate clearly in night vision and drive safely.

The cable provided is 33 feet long and fits most vehicles. We've also prepared longer 49-foot cables (not included) for large trucks, trailers, RV's, campers, vans, and vans. Truck, lap 5...etc. If the supplied 33ft cable is not enough for you, you can buy another 49ft cable (B08DXYCLL4) from us.

You can use the included bracket to mount the rear view camera inside or outside the car, it is waterproof and can be placed outside even in extreme temperatures of 4-190 degrees Fahrenheit in different climates.

This dashcam replaces the oldest photos with the latest clips to save space so your SD card will never get full. G-Sensor can automatically detect collisions and block videos where emergency files blocked by evidence are not overwritten.

After installing the wired combination when parked, the camera will automatically turn on if a collision is detected, then lock the switch for a 30-second video. The strong cable set can cut off the power when the battery is weak, so that the car battery will not run out even when standing for long periods.

The GPS antenna (not included) is used to add other information such as driving speed, direction, route, etc. to the log file as a guide. You just have to visit our service to get it.

PORMIDO PR998S Mirror Dash Cam with Detached Front Camera
PORMIDO PR998S Mirror Dash Cam with Detached Front Camera

  •     [12-Inch Split Mirror] The industry's first independent front camera, PORMIDO, separates the front lens from the mirror and comes with a 1-meter extension cable that can be extended to different areas of the windshield for added design flexibility. The front lens is not blocked by a sun visor or other equipment, eliminating even more blind spots for front vision.
  •     [The glare and best exposure is different from most driving recorder rearview mirror screens. Bormido full film mirrors have very good glare control in the sun. The front and rear cameras are with SONY IMX335 6-layer glass sensor with HDR for photos or videos, and they will not be overexposed by other headlights, so you can see every part clearly at night for safe driving.
  •     [Adjustable Reverse Cable & Longer Reverse Camera Cable] You can adapt the parking cable to your vehicle to make it easier to reverse. The provided rear view camera cable is 33 feet long on most models. In addition, we can supply you with 49 feet of cable (not included) for large trucks, trailers, motorhomes, motorhomes, vans, vans, etc. Please contact us if the included replacement camera cable is not enough for you.
  •     [The front and mirror images can be switched, and the front and rear view images can be switched to the reverse mode directly, making it easier for you to read the panel; Repeated recording enables continuous editing, old clips are replaced with newer files for storage and editing; Front and back views can be displayed on separate screens at the same time; GPS antenna (not included) can add vehicle speed, motion... to log file for further evidence.
  •     [Parking Monitor with Battery Protection] If a collision is detected while parking, the HD mirror camera will automatically turn on and then turn off after the emergency video is blocked for 30 seconds. In this way, the battery will not run out even if the car has been parked for a long time, which must be used with the wired package (not included). If you have any questions about the digital rearview mirror system, please contact us via the service email in the instruction manual and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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