TOGUARDGO HS_US_CE80B Touch Screen 4K Mirror Dash Cam
TOGUARDGO HS_US_CE80B Touch Screen 4K Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARDGO HS_US_CE80B Mirror Drive Recorder 4K 12" GPS Full Touch Screen Rear View Camera With Waterproof Rear View Camera Front And Rear Night Vision Cameras With Parking Assistant 128GB Max Support

 12 inch screen and wider viewing angle

The responsive 12-inch IPS touch screen is easy to use and offers a wider horizontal field of view than the 10-inch screen, so you can monitor more real-time traffic information on the road while you're driving.

4K Night Vision Wide Angle

The Sony-certified front camera records original 4K UHD material in crisp detail. The Sony IMX415 4K sensor in the front camera can effectively improve night vision in low light or rain, giving you crystal clear videos at night. License plates that cannot be read in 1080p or other resolutions appear in 4K video.

Touch screen to adjust angle and brightness

The rearview mirror camera is easy to use thanks to the touch screen. You can adjust viewing angle and brightness, switch between front and rear cameras, and switch to playback mode by swiping the screen.

Emergency registration and closing loops

Repeat exposure will cover the oldest unlocked lens to ensure there is enough room for continuous exposure. Once activated, G-Sensor automatically blocks the current video in the event of a collision, thus providing evidence for security and legal reasons.

Reverse camera for safe parking

When the vehicle is reversing, the reverse system automatically displays a full-screen reverse image with parking instructions. Comfortable and safe parking.

24/7 monitoring of car parks

If the system's gravity sensor detects the vehicle's vibrations while parking, the dashcam will automatically turn on and record a short, locked video to protect your vehicle. The long stop function requires several fixed cables to the instrument panel.

TOGUARDGO HS_US_CE80B Touch Screen 4K Mirror Dash Cam
TOGUARDGO HS_US_CE80B Touch Screen 4K Mirror Dash Cam

  •     🔹 4K + 1080P Front and Rear Driving Recorder This dashboard camera features a 4K Ultra HD resolution capable of capturing the clear front and rear license plates of the vehicle. 12 inch large screen, front and rear viewing angles, dual camera viewing angle switch, easy to change. With this rearview mirror camera, you can drive 100% worry-free.
  •     🔹 [Voice Control Commands The car camera contains voice commands with which you can adjust the basic settings while driving without touching the screen. They can talk, listen and follow your commands to provide you with a safer and more comfortable driving experience.
  •     🔹 [GPS Driving Recorder with Speed] Add GPS to track your driving speed and location in real time. You can read the current speed on the screen. Play the recording on the computer with GXplayer to check the location and speed of the event. If necessary, provide important information.
  •     🔹 [Super Night Vision Driving Recorder] Equipped with Sony Starlight Starvis sensor and F1.8 large aperture glass lens, this car driving recorder can capture more clear and detailed pictures at night with less consumption. Be sure to collect evidence.
  •     🔹 [Simple Parking Aid] After connecting the auxiliary cable to the reversing light, the steering is activated when reversing, ensuring a safe and comfortable parking. You can see the parking line on the 12 inch monitor without having to install an additional monitor.
  •     🔹 [7x7 Parking Screen] This dash cam has a smart parking mode. When it detects a sudden jerk or collision, the built-in G-sensor triggers the car's dashboard camera to record 30 seconds of video and lock the video clip. Your security is protected for 24 hours.

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