PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Xbox Series X|S Wired Controller
PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Xbox Series X|S Wired Controller

PowerA 1516954-01 FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X | S, gamepad, wired video game console, game console, for Xbox One

Cool POWER Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series x | High-quality materials and professional gaming functionality are at your disposal. This amazing gamepad features interchangeable black and white faceplates with anti-friction grommets, customizable pro pack with four removable and customizable paddles, 3-way locking for precise throwing, interchangeable knobs and custom protective covers for the console and all components. Special USB cable, only for this FUSION Pro 2 controller.

Mapable Pro . bundle

Take full control with the customizable Pro Pack, which includes four panels that you can quickly assign to any key as you navigate the game. Now your thumb can be placed on the left and right sticks and you can activate other commands like aiming, shooting, jumping and throwing the Pro pack.

triple lock

Customize it for shorter throws and faster movement, or enter the trigger zone to find the exact depth that best suits your style, game, and opponent.

beyond comfort

The FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller uses the highest quality materials to provide ergonomic comfort without compromising. Play with the black board and enjoy the pleasant feel of the soft-touch paint and surrounding plastic injection button, or switch to the white board for a familiar feel.

Fully immersed in the game

Dual rumble motors and magnetic pulse triggers elevate the gaming experience to a new level, delivering haptic feedback, feel and bringing your virtual world to life.

interchangeable parts

Personalize your FUSION Pro 2 with a range of interchangeable parts. Use short or long analog control levers, choose convex or concave caps, and change the color and style of the control panel: black with rubber knobs or textured white and green. Also, keep everything and protect it in a special box.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Xbox Series X|S Wired Controller
PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Xbox Series X|S Wired Controller

  •     Mappable Pro Pack: level up your gameplay with four programmable buttons that you can quickly set during the game, plus fully immersive gameplay: feel the power of dual motors and magnetic push-buttons for more feedback
  •     3-Way Trigger Lock: Set a travel distance and shorter trigger movement, or add the trigger area to your preferred depth plus two cool panels: choose black rubber grip or classic white panel
  •     Alpine Analog Rocker: Customize your controls, switch from a short rocker button to a long rocker, or convert it to a convex rocker and integrated anti-friction ring: use the ultra-smooth rocker controls on every interface panel
  •     3.5mm audio jack: connect wired headphones to connect stereo and gaming
  •     USB charging cable: 3m USB cable for charging or for use in wired mode Plus special protective cover: Put the console, cables and interchangeable parts in a luxury storage box

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