PowerA Xbox Series X Spectra Infinity Enhanced Controller
PowerA Xbox Series X Spectra Infinity Enhanced Controller

Enhanced PowerA 1522360-01 Spectra Infinity Controller, Suitable for Xbox Series X | S, Gamepad, Wired Video Game Controller, Game Controller, Xbox One Officially Licensed - Xbox Series X.

Get a great gaming experience with the Enhanced Spectra Infinity Wired Controller for Xbox Series x | S. This unique gamepad is officially licensed by Xbox and offers a variety of customizable color combinations in three different lighting zones. Plus, you can strengthen your competitive advantage with two customizable buttons that can be programmed on the go and a three-way trigger lock for ultra-accurate throws. 3.5mm stereo audio jack with one-button mic mute, easy-to-use share buttons, and dual vibration motors make your gaming experience truly immersive.

Dynamic Lighting Control

Ease of use Spectra Infinity wired controller optimized for Xbox Series X | S is a great adaptation of LED lights. Order your favorite color combination from three different regions. Combine white, red, orange, yellow, lime, light green, blue and purple or choose your favorite color for the entire console.

Extended game buttons

Put your thumb on the joystick and stay in control by assigning motion functions to the two buttons on the back of the controller even while you're gaming.

Fully immersed in the game

Dual rumble motors take your gaming experience to a new level, provide feedback and sense of touch, and bring your virtual world to life. You'll love all kinds of feedback from microwaves to deep, long-lasting earthquakes. You'll also love the ergonomic, slim handle that gives you hours of gaming comfort.

triple lock

Spectra Infinity is equipped with a 3-way locking mechanism for each trigger, with which you can instantly adapt the trigger force to any action requirements. Quickly adjust for shorter trigger throws and faster moves, or shift the full trigger depth to suit your game and opponents.

fully functional

Spectra Infinity Wired Controller, Optimized for Xbox Series X | The S has everything you need: Xbox share buttons, volume control with one-button mic mute, anti-friction ring, and a 3.5mm stereo audio jack. In addition, the 3m braided cable with snap lock and integrated trigger allows you to play safely.

PowerA Xbox Series X Spectra Infinity Enhanced Controller
PowerA Xbox Series X Spectra Infinity Enhanced Controller

  •     Thousands of color combinations, hundreds of vivid colors, three different spectral bands and two LED modes: choose "breathing" or "steady" mode
  •     Advanced Game Buttons: Two customizable buttons on the back and a 3-way lock for ultra-accurate throwing
  •     Two immersive drivers plus a new share button and volume wheel with one-button mic mute
  •     Precision-adjusted analog joystick with anti-friction soft ring, no battery needed
  •     Xbox Series x Official Authorization | s and applies to Xbox One and a 2-year limited warranty

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