safebuy PS5 Console Vertical Stand Cooling Fan
safebuy PS5 Console Vertical Stand Cooling Fan

Safebuy PS5 Vertical Fan, Digital & UHD PlayStation 5 Cooling Stand, with 2 Game Box Chargers and Storage Devices, USB Charging


  • Integrated Design: Keep your PS5 controller, DualSense wireless controller, and games in order; Also, charge your game console and keep your gaming console cool
  • Dual Controller Charger with LED Indicator: It can charge up to two controllers at the same time or only keep them on when not in use. With LED display, the charging status is clear at a glance. Easily charge your game consoles, save time and keep them clean
  • Cooling system: 2 built-in fans with high speed, high efficiency and low noise design. Maintain working functions and increase service life (The air inlet is located at the bottom and top of the console. The cooling fan is supposed to help dissipate heat from below)
  • Space Saving Design: The stand reduces the space of the PS5 accessory by installing the PS5 accessory vertically and keeps the playing area clean. Scalable Game Storage Say goodbye to cluttered desktops
  • Compatibility: The vertical stand is compatible with the PS5 console and the digital version of PlayStation 5. It is recommended to use a 5V / 1.5-2A power adapter to provide sufficient power.
safebuy PS5 Console Vertical Stand Cooling Fan
safebuy PS5 Console Vertical Stand Cooling Fan

  •  Vertical All-in-One Stand: Cool and store your Playstation 5 console, with 2 console charging stations and 14 game slots. Allows the game console to be set up vertically
  • Small and space-saving: The stand integrates multiple functions, saves plenty of space for your PS5 console and console, and is easy to install and use. There are 14 toy storage slots so you can store both old and new toys. Saving space, you can safely use all items in an upright position.
  • Efficient cooling system: 2 built-in high speed quiet fans. High efficiency and low noise design, the PS5 main frame will cool down for a long time to avoid overheating. PS5 fan does not affect your comfort at all. The vertical stand ensures good air circulation for the entire system and helps extend the life of the game console.
  • Game consoles fast charging station: If you need high-speed charging, you need to use a 5V power supply with a current greater than 1.5A; Fully charge two PS5 controllers within 2-3 hours; With LED indicator, charging with red light, charging with blue light is complete
  • Guaranteed! We offer a 6-month warranty on our products. If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us. we can replace or refund 100%

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