OIVO PS5 Cooling Fan with Controller Charging Station
OIVO PS5 Cooling Fan with Controller Charging Station

OIVO PS5 Fan with Dual Console Charging Station and Headphone Stand,PS5 Stand for PS5 Game Console,PS5 Cooling Station Charging Stand Accessories,PS5 Storage Box with 10 Stadiums

  •  ❄️ [PS5 MULTI-FUNCTION SUPPORT] This mini PS5 cooler is compatible with both digital and digital version of Playstation 5 game consoles and comes with high efficiency fans, dual console chargers, USB 2.0 ports, 10 game memories, and a Playstation 5 headset holder essential accessory that allows you to keep Everything is in one place and provide a clean and tidy space.
  • ❄️ [Excellent Heat Dissipation System] The simple design PS5 stand has two cooling fans that help dissipate the excess heat in the PS5 host, so your PS5 can continue to breathe, ventilate and cool in a fairly quiet state. The PS5 Metal Base Cooling Stand features lower noise and faster cooling speed, which is great for your PS5 to play long games without worrying about overheating.
  • ❄️ [Dual Console Fast Charging] Connect the dongle to the console, then fully charge up to two Playstation 5 consoles at the same time within 2 hours, which is more stable. The PS5 cooling stand has two charging stations with their own LED display, which helps to understand the charging status. The red light is charging and the blue light is fully charged.
  • ❄️ [Free Game Storage & Headphone Stand The Playstation 5 Cooling Stand comes with PS5 Game Manager (up to 10 games) and a headphone stand that doesn't take up much space to free up your desk. Press down on the headphone stand and plug in your PS5 controller to store your prized gaming headset, a great alternative to portable storage for games and gaming headsets.
  • ❄️ [Cool and Exquisite Design] OIVO PS5 vertical heat dissipation bracket can collect all PS5 accessories such as PS5 console, PS5 console, headset, game discs instead of anywhere. You can hold the PS5 console without worrying that it will fall. The PS5 cooling system integrates heat dissipation, charging and storage with the brilliant color matching of the PS5 host.

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