Samsung LF27G35TFBNXZA G35 LED Monitor 2021 Model
Samsung LF27G35TFBNXZA G35 LED Monitor 2021 Model

The Samsung Odyssey G35T Series offers a range of Odyssey screen technologies for traditional screen sizes in a more economical way. Gamers looking for an entry-level Odyssey experience can choose a Full HD flat panel or a curved monitor with 1ms response time, 144Hz to 165Hz refresh rate, and strength, you have both.

  • 144Hz refresh rate: Conquer all enemies, even at high speed. The 144Hz refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur and delivers an exciting gaming experience with ultra-smooth motions.
  • 1ms response time: Each action has a 1ms response time. As soon as you see the enemy, jump on it and move forward with precise mouse movements. Your actions on the screen are as fast as your reactions.
  • AMD FREESYNC PREMIUM: Smooth and comfortable gaming experience. AMD FreeSync Premium uses adaptive sync technology to reduce screen tearing, stuttering, and input delays. Low frame rate compensation ensures every scene is smooth and fluid.
  • Watch the game your way: reach the pinnacle of victory. Rotate, tilt and adjust the screen until all the enemies are in a perfect position. Your screen can move freely so that you can enjoy complete comfort in the game.
  • Full screen design: your legacy never ends. The 3-sided borderless design provides more room for even bigger and bolder games. In the dual screen setup, the two screens are precisely aligned so that no enemies can cross the room.

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