Tesla's new investigation into self-driving
Tesla's new investigation into self-driving

Tesla's smart electric vehicle systems provide the driver with many advantages. These advantages are reflected in the steering and support while driving, all the way to the automatic driving system that enables the car to drive independently without being disturbed by the driver.

However, Tesla's autopilot system is not perfect: in recent years it has caused more than 11 accidents, injuring 17 people and killing one.

This presented Tesla with several legal and legal issues, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched a thorough investigation into its self-driving system.

Tesla self-driving cars

Accidents caused by autonomous driving systems have occurred in many countries. That's between 2018 and 2021. The research included more than 765,000 Tesla vehicles, nearly all of the vehicles the company has produced in recent years.

Some experts believe the investigation may put Tesla under additional pressure. It can also have a negative effect on the autonomous driving system and the speed of its development.

Tesla's autopilot system, called the Tesla Autopilot, is based on a combination of cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors. This system allows the car to drive independently.

The system is divided into two main parts, namely the cruise control system and the automatic steering. Cruise control regulates the distance between the vehicle and other vehicles and objects in order to avoid collisions.

This one-handed part relies on the camera installed in the car. On the other hand, artificial intelligence algorithms. The task of the automatic steering function is to keep the car in the lane. Avoid sudden obstacles at the same time.

Therefore, the car can avoid collision by the first component of the system and can drive normally by the second component.

Legal challenge

Tesla cars also allow for fully autonomous driving and offer all of the above functions as well as automatic parking and automatic lane change. However, Tesla has always made clear that all of these systems require driver monitoring and tracking.

These may influence all of these features and technologies in future forensic investigations. The competent authority can force Tesla to modify certain components of the system or to add components other than the existing components.

Company cars are more dangerous at night. Most accidents so far have been due to darkness. As a result, the company may need to add a thermal sensor or a radar sensor instead of the camera the system is based on.

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