TanTan Smart TV Backlight 9.2ft LED Strip Lights via APP
TanTan Smart TV Backlight 9.2ft LED Strip Lights via APP

TanTan SL1 Smart TV LED backlight, 9.2ft LED Strip App Controlled, Use with Alexa and Google Home, Voice Control, Music Sync, 30-60" WiFi TV Backlight, Game Monitor

  •     Voice and APP Control: Say goodbye to the remote control after connecting to 2.4GHz WiFi (5GHz not supported). Smart LED strips can be used with Alexa and Google Home. You can control the ambient light anytime and anywhere via the app. Customize the dynamic scene in the application.
  •     SYNC WITH MUSIC: The TV's LED light and the high-sensitivity microphone on the console detect what audio it's hearing, preload lights sync with your favorite songs, and show neon lights change to the beat. Create a romantic and festive atmosphere for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and other occasions.
  •     DIY color: color changing RGB LED strip has 16 million color changes, brightness and saturation control, the best choice for TV accessories, you can choose your favorite color. However, there is no white.
  •     Eye protection: Alexa Smart LED light strip can use dimmable lights to illuminate the TV and reduce eye damage by focusing on the TV screen and relieving the strain on the eyes.
  •     Easy Installation: Easy to install and use for TV backlight.

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