Wemo F7C030fc WiFi Light Switch Works with Alexa
Wemo F7C030fc WiFi Light Switch Works with Alexa

Wemo F7C030fc Switch, Support WiFi, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant

Whether you're working at a coffee shop or on vacation in the Caribbean, this smart switch lets you control your lights remotely anytime, anywhere using your phone or tablet, without a subscription or hub. The free WeMo app lets you schedule lights to turn off at sunrise or to sync lights at sunset so you never reach a dark room. In Away Mode, connected lights can be turned on and off at random, making you feel right at home for added safety. Pair this dimmer with Amazon Alexa or a device built into the Google Assistant (like Google Home) and you can just dim the light with your voice. When paired with the Nest Thermostat, the Nest Home and Remote Control modes can be synced to the Switch for automatic control. Nest can tell you when you're home or away so your lights can greet you when you arrive and turn them off when you leave to save energy.

WeMo WLAN light switch

The Wemo WiFi light switch uses your existing home WiFi network to wirelessly control the lighting from anywhere in the world. No subscription or hub required: just install the light switch and control the lights from your phone or tablet. With the free WeMo app, you can easily turn the light on and off and schedule a schedule wherever you are. The WeMo light switch also works like a regular light switch - just press the switch to turn the light on or off.

easy step

WeMo is fast and easy to install. Uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to enable wireless remote control from anywhere. Since WeMo does not require a subscription or distributor, you can start using it right away.

Control from anywhere

With the WeMo light switch, you can wirelessly control connected devices from anywhere. Simply use the free WeMo app to control your couch, café or Caribbean lights.

Set schedule and timer

With the WeMo light switch, you can easily set your own lighting schedule. The free WeMo app lets you schedule lights to turn on at sunset or turn on ceiling fans before you arrive to keep your home comfortable.

protect your home

With the Away mode of the WeMo light switch, you can create the illusion that you are at home even when you are away. Absence mode turns the light on and off randomly.

Unity and control

WeMo brings you another level of wireless control of WeMo devices with the long press function. Group multiple WeMo devices and configure them to respond to a two-second press of a button, so you can control multiple WeMo devices with just one tap.

Use with Apple HomeKit

WeMo is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Simply connect the WeMo Bridge (sold separately) to your router, add it to the Apple Home app, then use the Apple Home app and Siri on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or HomePod to control your WeMo lights.

Use with Amazon Alexa

WeMo and Alexa work seamlessly together so you can control the lights with hands-free voice. Activate the WeMo skill and connect the WeMo light switch with Alexa, you can simply turn the light on and off with your voice.

Use with Google Assistant

WeMo can be used with the Google Assistant, so you can use your Google Home, Android, iPhone, or other devices with built-in Google Assistant support to control the lights. Enjoy smooth and intuitive voice control on any device connected to the WeMo light switch.

Other IFTTT functions

If it is, then this is a free web service that allows you to do amazing things with WeMo. Turn lights and ceiling fans on before you get home or turn them off when you leave. With IFTTT, the WeMo Light Switch can light up when your favorite team scores a goal.

Wemo F7C030fc WiFi Light Switch Works with Alexa
Wemo F7C030fc WiFi Light Switch Works with Alexa

  •     With Wi-Fi, you can control your lights from anywhere
  •     You can plan the lights with the free WeMo app
  • Away Mode turns on and off lights for extra security when you're away
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest and more 

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