TanTan SW2 WiFi Smart Light Switch Work with Alexa
TanTan SW2 WiFi Smart Light Switch Work with Alexa

TanTan SW2 Smart Light Dimmer WiFi Smart Light Switch Suitable for Alexa and Google Home Neutral Cable Required for Unipolar Remote Control without Etl and Fcc Hub Included (4 Packs)

 Elegant touch design

This smart dimmer uses an elegant touch interface dimmer that looks nice when hung on the wall.

Equipped with a sensitive touch screen, you can adjust the brightness of multiple lamps or the fan speed on the dimmer simply by touching the control panel and sliding your finger on it.

1%-100% dimming range

Adjust brightness from 1% to 100% to reduce energy costs and extend lamp life. Install the perfect mood lighting for any event. When you have dinner with your family, watch a movie or read a book, you can create a scene with the brightness you want. Even after turning off, the dimmer remembers the light settings.

Use Alexa for voice control, Google Assistant

Use voice control from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to adjust the intensity of the light. You can also create a group of all smart plugs, smart bulbs, and smart switches and then control them with a single voice command.

Multifunctional intelligent control app

Dim the lights or control the fan speed anytime and anywhere just by clicking on our app. Share smart controls with your family or roommates using the device sharing function so they don't have to reconfigure a WLAN light switch and can easily transfer the fun and convenience of smart controls from home.

Intelligent planning and viewer

Turn the dimmer switch on and off according to your daily schedule and preference. With a smart dimmer, you can create a personalized smart scene and automatically adjust the lighting in your home based on the time of sunset and sunrise.

TanTan SW2 WiFi Smart Light Switch Work with Alexa
TanTan SW2 WiFi Smart Light Switch Work with Alexa

  •  [0%-100% Dimmable] - Set desired brightness/speed manually via mobile app, voice control or via LED touch screen. When the power is off, it has a memory brightness function from the last light setting. Supports up to 150W LED/UL shielded or 400W and 100W ceiling fans. Smart lights cannot be dimmed with a smart dimmer
  • [Voice Control] - The smart dimmer works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant to free your hands; No hub or subscription required. Activate the skills in the Alexa/Google app to pair.
  • [Remote Control and Programming] - Control your smart key from anywhere through the APP; When you are at home or abroad, schedule a schedule for turning electrical appliances on and off. You can also share the app with your family to control the device
  • [Group and scene control] - intelligent dimmer switch group control; Create scenes when you wake up, go to bed, etc.
  • [Note]: Neutral conductor is required; Step-by-step instructions guide you through the wiring process. Standard size fits any standard multi-set wall plate. 2.4G WiFi for initial installation only (not 5G); Only for monopolar (not triple) use.

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