Wyze Labs WLPA19C2PK Smart Wyze Bulb
Wyze Labs WLPA19C2PK Smart Wyze Bulb

Wyze Labs WLPA19C2PK Smart Wyze Bulbs, 2 Pieces, Color, 2 Pieces

Light helps us see, and color helps us feel. Controlling both helps our lives. We didn't just make another colorful lamp. We made a flashlight that can improve your lifestyle at any moment. There are times when you need bright, expressive colors. Other times it requires a subtle, supportive light. Our lights give you a full spectrum of colors (16 million to be exact) and controls that become instant memories. So please continue. May your life be full of color.

  • Brighter. light modulator. Best. The maximum brightness of most color lamps is 800 lumens. Set it brighter (1100 lumens / 75 W), darker (30 lumens / 2 W) or any position in between and provides strong or accurate light output as needed.
  • 16 Million Colors - Day or night, the precise color control in the Wyze app can turn you into memories in a jiffy. Create custom presets and instantly change scenery with just one click
  • White light temperature control - cooling and focusing or heating and expanding. With custom white light control, you can choose the perfect environment for your event.
  • CRI of 90+ - Advanced Color Rendering Index (CRI) allows you to see more vibrant and vibrant colors in your home. Never again miss black and blue in the closet.
  • Brilliant Notifications: Brighten up important memories. Create colorful, time-based events or use other Wyze devices to automatically create powerful visual notifications - all from within the Wyze app.

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