TOGUARDGO CE35A IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam
TOGUARDGO CE35A IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARDGO CE35A Car Mirror Driving Recorder 7 Inch 1080P Dual Lens IPS Touch Screen Driving Recorder Front Rear View Camera Waterproof 170 Degree Wide Angle Parking Sensor G-sensor Motion Detection

7 inch wide touch screen

The 7-inch touch screen is responsive and beautiful. The settings screen, video capture, photo capture, and mirror operation itself are all touch-sensitive. The user interface is easy to navigate and multifunction menus can be configured.

Good design and simple user interface

IPS technology and exquisite screen edge design are wider, clearer and smoother than most traditional dashboard cameras. Enjoy real-time recording and monitoring while driving; The interface is easy to navigate and the multifunction menus are defined.

Reverse camera kit for safe parking

Reversing camera converts to high definition full screen reversing images, including line assisted reversing when reversing, no turning, parking easily with instructions.

G-sensor (emergency room) and loop recording

By repeating the recording, the last shot will automatically replace the oldest one when the micro SD card is full, and you won't miss a moment. In the event of a collision, the gravity sensor will automatically lock the recorded video provided by your insurance company.

Parking Monitor: Built-in battery, when you park the car and turn off the car engine, the dashcam turns on automatically and records for 30 seconds after impact or vibration is detected.

Motion detection: It works when the car engine is running and records 10 seconds after motion is detected, saving space on the micro SD card.

Easy to install

The rearview mirror drive recorder is easy to install, and the original car rearview mirror does not need to be disassembled. Simply use a rubber band to easily attach the drive recorder to the rearview mirror. Connect the car charger to the camera, then hide the extra cable in the interior panel using the mounting tool we provided.

Note: The weight of the product is 0.66 lbs, please check that your mirror can hold it before purchasing.

like a normal mirror

Setting a screen saver or clicking the power button below will turn off the screen so you can use the mirror as normal while still recording the front/rear cameras.

Adjustable Lens: Rotate the front camera lens to adjust its orientation for the best view.

TOGUARDGO CE35A IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam
TOGUARDGO CE35A IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam

  •     [7 inch IPS Touch 1080P Car Camera Full HD Recording Dual 1080P front camera and 720P waterproof rear camera Full HD simultaneous recording for clearer images day and night.The 7-inch touch screen provides a wide viewing angle. Let the dashboard display the rear camera recording more traffic information more clearly.
  •     [Waterproof Rear View Camera Kit For Safe Parking] Connect the red line of the rear view camera to the reverse light, the image of the rear view camera will automatically switch to the panoramic view and trigger the camera parking assistant line to park safely when the R gear is engaged. The waterproof reverse camera can be installed outside the vehicle.
  •     [The parking screen and the gravity sensor are powered by the parking screen. When parked, the dashcam turns on and records automatically. The dashboard G-sensor camera will automatically lock the video recorded in the car camera when a collision is detected, providing strong evidence of disagreements.
  •     [One Key Design] Based on the mirror camera design, you can easily switch from full screen view to front/rear view or five viewing modes to view images. When the screen is off, this tachograph can be used as a regular rear view mirror.
  •     Exquisite appearance, easy to use, high quality 2.5D car mirror glass anti-glare case, the iron case of this high definition mirror camera gives you a special touch and vision. The rear camera's 7-inch sensitive touch screen is more concise and easier to configure than traditional physical buttons.

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