Segway brings the most intelligent robotic lawn mower to the market
Segway brings the most intelligent robotic lawn mower to the market

Segway is best known for its self-balancing scooters, but their latest product focuses on lawn mowers.

The company announced the launch of Navimow, the company's first automatic lawn mower, and while it's not the industry's first choice, it promises to be infinitely easier to install.

This wire, which is usually buried a few inches under the lawn, is why most robotic lawn mowers work in the right area.

The company introduced a virtual geolocation feature that is integrated with the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other sensors.

The company claims this feature is called EFLS, along with GPS and other types of sensors to achieve an accurate position fix of up to 2cm.

Once you know how to plan your garden, the Segway utility app allows you to create mowing areas, including restricted areas and walkways that connect multiple areas.

Similar to a vacuum robot, Navimow automatically recognizes the most efficient path through the lawn and cuts it in the process. It leaves no trace and the algorithm will learn over time to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Segway imagines it runs more often than a manual lawn mower, which constantly mows the lawn to maintain a constant height. Prioritize areas where weeds are thicker and taller, and mow them often.

There is a built-in anti-collision sensor. Ultrasound is designed to detect and avoid potential obstacles, while vibration sensors send Navimow in the other direction.

If a person or animal approaches, the Segway BladeStop stops cutting the blade. If someone decides to steal Navimow, the device sends a phone notification and reports their real-time location in the app.

Segway brings the most intelligent robotic lawn mower to the market

Segway claims the mower can handle slopes of up to 45 degrees thanks to its 50mm rubber wheels, and the 10,200mAh battery is rated for lawns of up to 3,000 square feet, or more than 30,000 square feet.

This does not mean that they will do all the work at once. But Navimov can pick up the shipment and then return to where it left off.

With IPX6 waterproof performance, the rain sensor automatically sends the lawn mower to the side of the road in bad weather. The app also includes real-time programming and mower status, as well as mower height control.

It can be adjusted about 1.2-2.4 inches. According to the company, it is quieter than most other lawn mowers at 58 decibels.

The company has released four versions of lawn mowers. The Navimow H500E is $1,425. Other models have larger batteries, 4G support, and anti-theft GPS systems, and the price can be as low as $2,970.

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