X-SUPER HOME Oculus Quest 2 Foam Replacement Widen Facial Interface Pad
X-SUPER HOME Oculus Quest 2 Foam Replacement Widen Facial Interface Pad

X-Super Home Oculus Quest 2 Replacement Foam Wide Side Panel Interface Accessories Light Barrier Lycra Breathable Sweat Cover for Shelters

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Thanks to the use of soft and comfortable 3D foam, you can now spend more time with the Oculus Quest 2. It is important to provide non-slip and sweat-absorbent properties so that you can play continuously without leaving any uncomfortable marks on your face. Started!

 thicker and wider

It is different from other flat foams. We use 3D design to fit your face and provide extra cushioning.

improve hygiene

It's not just people who often play the best VR games. Once the Quest 2 pad has been firmly attached to the skin for several hours, it will absorb sweat and dirt.

 Unique nose plate design

Some people like to see what's happening below and tell each other where they are, but our design can be completely immersed while playing. This is the trick. The nose pads protrude slightly to completely block out the light while still being comfortable. Keep the field of view dark inside, but at the same time allow air flow to escape from the upper vent. This means that it will no longer be flogged.

Replacement light blocker

It fits perfectly and blocks all light. Due to different head sizes, the distance between the lens and the eyes may vary. It can cause some people to see light from below. This is where the light blocker works.

super soft

With its 3D soft foam, it can reduce pressure and redness around the eyes when using the Oculus Quest 2. Its ergonomic design allows you to move comfortably in a larger field of view.


Sweat-wicking foam and Lycra material make it easy to ensure your device is always clean, dry and easy to wash after breaking a sweat while playing Beat Saber or Supernatural.

X-SUPER HOME Oculus Quest 2 Foam Replacement Widen Facial Interface Pad
X-SUPER HOME Oculus Quest 2 Foam Replacement Widen Facial Interface Pad

  •  🆕 [Maximum Facial Area Field of View]: With a wider field of view and improved wear, this enlarged facial surface allows you to see more in VR, so you can get closer to the screen and greatly expand your beautiful position and field of view.
  • 🆕 [Suitable for Different Head Shapes]: Whether you are an adult or a child, you can easily adjust the position of the foam to find the best fit and immersion. With a larger and thicker pad, it can help distribute the weight of the device and also relieve facial pressure and red spots.
  • 🆕 [Solve the problem of fogging of glasses]: The ventilation designed above helps the air flow from the inside out, which means that it maintains the same temperature so that the glasses will not fog up if you breathe for a long time while playing.
  • 🆕 [Never let the light out]: Because different head sizes can cause the light to come out from under the nose. Unlike other products, our innovative nose mask design uses a stripe design to cover more areas without tearing to keep the septum working properly. Most importantly, the board also comes with another photoelectric switch if you think that's not enough.
  • 🆕 [Improve Hygiene]: By using sweat-absorbent foam and Lycra materials, you can ensure that your appliances are always clean and dry with little effort. You can easily wash it off by sweating while playing Beat Saber or Supernatural.

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