Nintendo lowered Switch price in Europe
Nintendo lowered Switch price in Europe

Today, Nintendo clarified the changes to the pricing of the original Switch model in Europe, saying that this reflects exchange rates and the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch OLED that will hit the market next month.

The company has not officially set prices for European devices. However, Nintendo believes the platform's new £259.99 price tag listed on the company's official online store is reasonable and retailers can now follow suit.

A company spokesperson said: “Nintendo Europe is working to change the European price of the Nintendo Switch platform for retailers. Four and a half years after the initial release, the sales momentum of the Nintendo Switch in Europe remains strong. After carefully examining various factors including European and Nintendo exchange rates The upcoming Switch OLED, we've decided it's time to change the price of the Nintendo Switch.

The retail price of the Nintendo Switch Lite and future Nintendo Switch OLED models is not affected. The retailer sets the final price to the consumer. As a guideline, the company recommends consumers check prices with local retailers.

The price of the Nintendo Switch in Europe is now €299.99, which is €30 less than the previous price of €329.99.

In the UK, the company has revised the price of the platform to £259.99, down from £209.99.

Nintendo lowered Switch price in Europe

"We have adjusted pricing prior to the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED so that the price difference between each model on the My Nintendo Store retail channel is whatever the company deems appropriate for its own store," the company said.

There is no news on whether the original Nintendo Switch platform will see price changes in other regions.

It should be noted that price changes should not yet be reflected in other retailers such as Amazon. Even if the change is small. But it arrived less than a month before the Nintendo Switch OLED went on sale.

The OLED model for the Nintendo Switch costs €364.99 in Europe and £309.99 in the UK.

This slight price drop resulted in a slightly larger price difference between the Nintendo Switch OLED and the original model.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will go on sale on October 8th. Bigger, brighter screens, new brackets, and speaker upgrades are the most important additions, along with Ethernet connectivity.

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