Yocqbm GPS Tracking Locator Dog Paw Design
Yocqbm GPS Tracking Locator Dog Paw Design

Yocqbm Baby Tracker No Charge Monthly GPS Tracking Locator Dog Paw Design Portable Bluetooth Alarm Smart Anti-Lost Device-6pcs

Mini Cat Dog GPS Tracker Anti-Lost Waterproof Bluetooth Handle Luggage Tracker For Kids Cat Dog Luggage Tracker

product specification:
1. This GPS locator uses APP software to communicate with mobile devices such as mobile phones via Bluetooth, which can combine easy-to-lost user items and valuables (such as keys, wallets, etc.) to achieve the following functions: loss remind, two-way search, photograph remote, recording, etc. (such as party photos, handbags, etc.), selfies, etc.). 2. The effective range of the device can be up to 15 meters. With the new Bluetooth 4.0 chip, low power consumption. The button cell battery is replaceable and the lamp body weighs only 12g. Can be placed in Wallet 3. Support IOS and Android system (must be paired with mobile phone APP and bluetooth device before use to avoid loss). 4. In order to increase the endurance of the mainstream Android models, the system is currently optimized to varying degrees and automatically cleans up the apps running in the background. If a lost device is used, the application must be configured and protected in the system to ensure normal operation.

Yocqbm GPS Tracking Locator Dog Paw Design
Yocqbm GPS Tracking Locator Dog Paw Design

  •     [Pet GPS Locator] The key finder uses BT technology to connect with a smartphone. Check for lost car keys, suitcases, wallets, and dogs and cats removal in the app so you can find them exactly.
  •     [Bi-directional mode] It can be connected with the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone. If the bluetooth range is exceeded, the mobile phone and the soldering prevention device will ring at the same time. The service distance is about 5-15 meters.
  •     [One-click Camera & Recording] Our smart GPS tracker can control camera and phone recording functions. You can also track the location via GPS and locate the car in advance, and save it to the mobile map app so you can quickly find your car in the parking lot.
  •     [Remote monitoring] Real-time positioning, waterproof function, cell phone survey, electronic fence, road survey, low battery alarm, waiting time, silent care, use the GPS tracker for pets, you can set the nanny's cell phone number to keep Link them to your pet.
  •     [Wide range of applications] Place the fall prevention device on children or the elderly and send alarms in a complex environment (such as shopping, travel, etc.) to avoid getting lost. Enjoy the game time and control the intimate distance at all times.

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