Zeerkeer TK905 TKSTAR 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Zeerkeer TK905 TKSTAR 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Zeerkeer TKSTAR 4G GPS Tracker Magnetic Stealth Vehicle GPS Tracker Waterproof Real Time Tracker with Alarm System, Suitable for Car/Motorcycle/Truck/Ship/Fleet-4G TK905

Real-time tracking on Google Maps

You can track your destination in real time on Google Maps using your mobile phone, tablet and computer, the minimum data upload interval is 10 seconds!

Electronic fence protection

By selecting one or more specific areas (home, work), the tracker will leave or enter that area, and we will receive a warning via the app.

Precise positioning in GPS + LBS dual mode

If the GPS signal is good, then the GPS satellite tracker (accuracy 5-10m) will be located. Otherwise it will be translated

Read the historical path

The app and web server can log device charging data for up to 6 months and read the historical route, waiting time and vehicle location.

Fall Alarm

Built-in light sensor, activate this status function automatically after installation. Once someone removes it or disposes of the device, the device sends a warning message.

IP65 waterproof design

The 4G GPS tracker has superior waterproof performance to ensure stable operation in harsh environments. Not only does it effectively prevent dust, but you also don't have to be afraid of splashing water.

 speed alarm

This alert is only valid in continuous GPS mode. If the machine's speed is higher than the preset speed, a "Speed ​​Alert" message will be sent to the admin number every 5 minutes.
Vibration alert

Integrated 3D accelerometer. If your car is abnormal, for example, if someone hits, crushes or scratches the car, the device sends a text message “Alarm! to the official number.
Low battery alarm

Built-in rechargeable 3.7V 5000mAh lithium-ion battery, standby for 40 days, working time up to 2-5 days. An SMS will be sent "Low Bat Alert!" Indicates the number of charges when the device battery is low.

Zeerkeer TK905 TKSTAR 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Zeerkeer TK905 TKSTAR 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

  •     [Latest 4G LTE GPS Tracker]: Based on your own GSM/GPRS/LTE network and current GPS satellites, our TKSTAR TK905 4G GPS tracker can track and locate real-time location on Google Maps via SMS Mobile applications and the Internet. Remote target tracking software.
  •     ★ [GPS + LBS Dual Positioning]: Use the most advanced GPS and LBS dual positioning technology. If the GPS signal is good, the GPS satellite vehicle tracking device will be located (accuracy 5-10 meters); Otherwise, LBS (100-1000 meters accuracy) will happen!
  •     ★ [Geofence: Define one or more geofences for the tracker to restrict its movements in the area. The radius can be adjusted from 0 to 5000m. When it leaves the area or arrives, the device will send an alert to the app/web server or send a message to the authorized number.
  •     ★ [Built-in Magnets & Rechargeable Li-ion Battery]: 5 built-in magnets, ultra-fast magnets, very convenient to install, no professional installation required. Built-in 3.7V 5000mAh Li-ion battery, standby for 40 days, playback for 2-5 days.
  •     ★ [Application]: IP65 waterproof, don't worry about a rainy day. It is widely used to track vehicles, cars, trucks, employees, assets, valuables, etc. It's the ideal choice whether it's managing a commercial fleet or overseeing the safety of people important to you while driving.

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